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  1. Hey everyone,

    I felt the need to post on here because I am feeling really really discouraged. I am currently taking Intro to Microbiology (Summer semester) and am failing. I have taken 3 out of 6 tests so far and have failed each one, but they are getting progressively better. The last day I can withdraw from the class and get a W grade instead of an F is this Friday. I'm not sure what my problem is. I have taken both A&P's and got B's. Also, I took A&P 1 in the summer and got a B to boot. I just can't retain this information in Microbiology. I do study..but lately I have been so discouraged from these tests. It doesnt help that I can't focus or pay attention in lecture EVER. For some reason, my mind wanders off and even when I recognize it, I can make my brain re-focus for about 5 minutes and then I'm right back to square one. I also work full time, live on my own, no children, etc. Things are especially hard for me this semester and I'm just not sure why.

    Anywho, after failing every test in this class has really made me question as to whether I would even survive in nursing school and be a good nurse, at that. I am just feeling so discouraged because this is not typical of me and I usually do pretty well. Prior to when I registered for this class, I even emailed the instructor of the course and asked him if he thought it would be a good class to take in the summer and I proceeded to tell him that I took A&P 1 in the summer and got a B and he told he that I should be fine if that was the case. Has anyone else gone through this? I feel so lost and don't know where to turn or what to do. Any help/guidance would be appreciated.
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  3. by   PixieRN14
    Can you record your lectures? If you can then I would suggest you do. It is amazing how much more you retain by relistening to a lecture. Also try checking out a different text book at your schools library. Some authors are better at explaining things then others. Also you could be going through a burn out period in school. I myself went through burn out due to a divorce. I took a break from school to focus on myself. When I started back up again I was refreshed and ready to go. It paid off in the end and I am starting nursing school this fall
  4. by   buttons93
    I agree with the burnout part! In Chem. I just COULD NOT pay attention or retain information for the life of me. I took it (5 unit class) along with 15 other units. Yep, 20 units total my second semester in college, and I had two jobs and was busy weekends. I would come home Sunday nights at about 7 and have to be at Chem the next morning at 740 (yeah, thats plenty of time to study ) I considered the fact that I hadn't had more that one week off at a time since the 6th grade! (I took summer classes and had summer homework for advanced classes in school, then started my pre-reqs a week after graduating high school). I tried and tried but I was just totally burned out. Got a D But, I have time to retake it before I apply to nursing school. I knew before midterms that I just couldn't keep up but I am not a quitter so I made myself stick with it until the end.

    Another thing I do for when I find that taking notes or reading the book doesn't help is I watch youtube videos! It's fun to try other ways to study and helps me stay interested in topics that would otherwise bore me to death :spin:
  5. by   DisneyNurseGal

    As a student, after the second bad test score you need to change how you are studying because what you are doing isn't working. I went through the same thing with Organic Chemistry. I was an A student but after too poor test scores, I had to completely change my methods. Once I developed some new skills and changed the way I was reviewing the material, I started pulling A's. Google "active learning", see if a few of those methods will help you!

    Good luck!
  6. by   BloomNurseRN
    It's frustrating when it's not sticking but that doesn't mean you won't excel in nursing school. I struggled with Chem last semester (took it will in nursing school - it's a co-req for me, not a pre-req) and I hated it and didn't get it but that hasn't stopped me from doing well in my nursing classes. Trying to compress it into less time doesn't usually help that. Can you retake it in the fall when you would have more time to try to absorb and retain the information? Hang in there!
  7. by   Anne36
    You said that you cant pay attention or focus on the lecture. Is that normal for you or something new? If you are not even recording lecture and you dont have good notes its no wonder you are having trouble. The taperecording is a great idea. I didnt start doing that until I started Nursing school. It really helps to hear the material twice, IF you have time to do that. I certainly dont mean to discourage you further but if you cant take this class again and the poor grade will hurt you than you should pull out of this class while you still can. I dont know what your school rules are. Is this the only class you are taking right now? Mabye you just need a break for the rest of the summer before classes begin again.
  8. by   jellybean321
    Thanks you all so much for your input! I actually did have to drop the class, I would rather have a W on my transcript than an F! I started recording the lectures (as I did in A&P) in the begining and it was no help to me. The inability of paying attention and focusing has always been there to an extent but its NEVER been this bad. I recently started the generic for Xyzal and Singulair for my recently diagnosed asthma and severe allergies, so I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it or not. I actually stopped the meds because I am extremely tired constantly and all I want to do is sleep, even when I get 10 hours of it! I don't think its entirely out of my bloodstream yet so I will give it another week to see if I see a difference. I did it find it helpful to read the entire chapters before I went into lecture so that I knew what we was talking about, but it did not make a significant difference. For some reason this semester is just really hard for me. I typically get A's and B's in my classes, so this isnt normal for me and its really been discouraging. My instructor did suggest for me to drop and take the class during a normal 16 week semester so I will try that in spring (have to take applied clinical math in fall).

    As for new studying habits, I would agree! My boyfriend suggested the same, that if my way isnt working, to try a different way until I succeed. Unfortunately I just wasn't sure where to turn or to even begin looking for that matter for new, different ways that would benefit me. I will definitely look up "active learning" though!!

    I thank all of you for your help! I really love having access to such a wonderful site with really supportive peers. This website is my saving grace! Thanks to all of you! =)
  9. by   EMT89
    I have been a C/D average student in sciences until now. I knew I couldn't fail these courses. I re-evaluated how I studied, and had the help of this site for tips and such. Ever since I've been making great grades! I should hopefully be coming out with an A in A&P2, and I got an A in A&P1.

    What has really helped has been making tons of note cards. The thing for A&P 1 or 2 over the summer is that you don't have the time to learn EVERYTHING. Put down stuff you don't know and stuff you're still kind of iffy about.

    After class I rewrite my notes. By that time I will have already seen the notes a second time.

    Come up with questions and do it over and over. I probably have about 25 pages of questions (front and back on some) of questions for one test.

    Condense everything you absolutely need to know or need to review before the final onto a sheet.

    I got a tutor in A&P1 to help me through the class. It was my first science class in a year. I wanted to have it to help guide me through the first section so at least I can get adjusted to science classes again. The key is to get a tutor at the BEGINNING of the semester, not when you're failing.

    During notes to help me be more pro-active, I color code my high lighting. It helps me know the difference between terms, definitions, symptoms, etc.

    The other thing that has been really helpful is being overall more organized. I am hopefully going to keep this binder organization method in the fall. I am excited to see how I do in other classes now.

    It is helpful to know the terms (prefixes/suffix) while studying.
  10. by   zoe92
    Do not be discouraged! I did horrible in my A & P class this summer and am retaking it in the fall. I do not think its means you will had a hard time in nursing school. Summer classes are just extremely difficult.
  11. by   MoniqueS
    Since its July, I'm assuming that you are taking Micro over the summer semester? This is an intense course.... you might have to see if you can take some vacation days, especially around finals to up your grade. If you do not do well, you can always retake during the fall semester. I took A&P 2 over the summer and it was way too fast for me ... but I got through it.. One test at a time. Good thoughts.