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  1. PixieRN14

    Esme Needs Your Prayers

    I am so happy to hear you are on the mend. You insight has been sorely missed here at AN. I will continue to keep you in my thoughts and can't wait to hear that you are finally home.
  2. PixieRN14

    Sex, Porn & Roto-Prone Beds.....

    So glad to see you back Esme!!!
  3. PixieRN14

    ADN Program Grads - What's your job situation?

    I graduated in May and did not find a job until Oct. it was on a sub acute rehab unit. Then in Dec I received a call to interview for a position at a city hospital. Got the job and left the sub acute care into for a Oncology position.
  4. PixieRN14

    Where should a new grad apply???

    The market is rough for new grads, and especially for ADN new grads. I graduated with my ADN last May and didn't find a job until Oct. Then in Dec I was called to interview for my dream unit in a city hospital. I was offered the job with the condition that I would be enrolled in a BSN program before I started my first day. If you want to get into acute care then get enrolled in a BSN program stat and put it on your resume.
  5. PixieRN14

    Areas of nursing you would NOT like?

    When I first started school I swore up and down that I didn't want anything in Peds, LTC and Oncology. L&D wasn't my top choice, but would be tolerable. I wanted ED, Psych or OR. Then during my second semester of NS my mom was diagnosed with Stage IV Non Hodgkins. I spent my summer sitting with her through Chemo, Radiation and IT chemo. I asked a lot of questions and did a lot of research, and ultimately fell in love with Oncology. I did my senior Practicum on a leukemia floor and enjoyed every min with the patients. Unfortunately I could not get a job in oncology after graduating, so I took a position on a sub acute rehab unit. Definitely not my cup of tea but it was experience. After being there a month I was contacted by a Nurse Recruiter who was given my name along with a glowing recommendation. Interviewed with this person and was offered a position on a inpatient oncology floor. I start this Monday and I am beyond excited!
  6. PixieRN14

    Why am I starting out making 19 an hour?

    It really depends on your area. I am in the Baltimore metro area and New grads make anywhere between 24.40 and 30.00 depending on the setting. There is no pay difference between ADNs and BSNs. It is just easier to get a job in a hospital setting if you are a BSN. There is a thread on here where people have commented on the pay in their area. It varies greatly! Anywhere from 19.00 in the south to 50.00/hr in Cali.
  7. PixieRN14

    **POLL** New 1st Year RN Salary

    Maryland New grad Was in sub acute rehab and not my cup of tea. 29.10 noc shift w/ no diffs Now in Inpatient Oncology ❤️ 27.03/ hr Diffs= 2.00 for evenings 4.00 for nights 4.00 for weekends
  8. PixieRN14

    Current 2014 new grad pay for Maryland hospitals

    Mercy is 27.03 an hour for new grads. Shift diffs are 2.25 for evenings, 4.00 for nights and 4.00 for weekends.
  9. PixieRN14

    **POLL** New 1st Year RN Salary

    Maryland Sub Acute Rehab New Grad ADN Noc shift 29.10
  10. PixieRN14

    How did you study for NCLEX?, I failed it and need advice

    DON1984 gave you solid advice. You can take it or leave it. I understand how life events can greatly influence your state of mind when facing something like the NCLEX. My world was turned upside down during my last semester of school and didn't resolve itself until two months after I took the NCLEX. Obviously you are struggling in areas and need to refresh your understanding of the material. I hope you are able to find a study method that works for you and that you can conquer the NCLEX your next go around.
  11. PixieRN14

    almost done with nursing school but still feel unsure

    I graduate in 19 days and feel extremely nervous. I have always received high marks in clinical, but even still I worry. Then again, having a healthy amount of fear is a good thing, because we are dealing with patients lives. I plan on taking things a day at a time and relying fully on all my resources.
  12. PixieRN14


    How do I find out more about more about this study guide?
  13. PixieRN14

    making a list...

    I personally use a binder with dividers. I found that it was much easier to organize my pts and odds and ends this way. Most of the nurses at the hospitals I did clinical at used them too and I will continue to use one. I personally love my Cardiology III from Littmann.
  14. PixieRN14

    Overall 80%

  15. It all depends on where you are. University of MD offers the School of Integrative Health. They combine traditional medicine with things such as yoga, tai chi and Reiki. A few years back a huge article was done on incorporating reiki as a form of pain management into their renowned Shock Trauma.
  16. PixieRN14

    Acne from being at the hospital???

    I am a licensed skin care therapist and a nursing student. I don't think the hospital is the sole cause, but a contributing factor. Be mindful of touching your face. We touch all types of fun yucky stuff that can cause flare ups. Stress can be a huge factor in breaking out too. Also your skin is not static. It changes and you could be going through a change. A good home skin care routine will help combat your skin woes. I clean my face twice a day with my Clarisonic and use a Rosewater witch hazel toner to remove any residue left behind. If you have the time, treat yourself to a facial. Not only will it help clean up your skin, but it may help you relax a little.

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