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  1. by   lexcourben
    Hey Sunnyjohn,

    I haven't read through all the recent posts but I was wondering if you got your letter yet? Will you be starting the program in Jan.?

  2. by   DreamBelieveSucceed
    Hi all! I posted a question earlier on a forum and all ya'll (yes I'm a Texan - but not a redneck!) seem to be the ones I need to chat with!! I am a SAHM of 3 kids and have been going to DCCCD for about 2 years part time getting my pre-reqs and support classes. I am currently taking A&P I. I had originally had my heart set on El Centro (I live in Rowlett - east of Dallas, Mesquite, Garland) since it was the closest to my home and was the only 2-year program in the area. Now I am beginning to hear negative comments about the program at El Centro - lack of organization, teacher/school/student politics (which is everywhere!), etc. Have you guys (ya'll) checked out the other schools in the area - Brookhaven, North Lake? If so, what are your opinions of all the schools? Where would you attend if location was not important? What about TWU and Baylor (can you say $$$)? Any other BSN programs (4-year) in the area?

    I am feeling stressed out since I have been taking classes preparing for El Centro. If I go the Brookhaven route I have to take Chemistry (I have already taken Algebra I!) and several other support classes that I had not planned on.

    Last question! - Since I am taking A&P I at Cedar Valley (the only class available when I registered - not the closest school to me), should I take A&P II there as well or go to a location closer and buy the book that particular school uses (since A&P I and II use the same book but all DCCCD schools use different ones!)?

    Thanks ya'll!!!
  3. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    Hi, DreamBelieveSucceed! Welcome to Allnurses.com!

    First of all do not believe any negative comments that you haven't seen yourself. People you hear these from may be your competition. The less competition, the better for them! Most importantly, do not give into negative comments. Allow yourself a chance to rise above them and prove them wrong!

    North Lake is ran the same as El Centro as far as pre-reqs go, as it is just a satellite school. I prefer North Lake because 95% (or more) of my classes have been there. El Centro has had a nursing program since 1978, so they have had time to know how to do run it. There will always be some staff that may not make it the most wonderful experience, but that's in any school, any business. On a personal note, my aunt graduated from El Centro, and is now retired. She does not have any regrets.

    Brookhaven has won an award already, so I think their program is going well.

    UTA also offers a BSN, that's where I plan to get my RN-BSN, and I am currently working on my core classes for that as I wait to get accepted to the ADN progam.

    Again, allow yourself the chance to make up your own mind about things, don't listen to your competition's negative comments, and stick with us on AllNurses.com for motivation! :hatparty:

    EDITED TO ADD: I took A&P 1 at NLC, and A&P 2 at Mountain View. The book was the same, but the lab book was different. ...Actually, the lab book was cheaper at MVC because it was one a former instructor wrote. I still would have rather taken A&P 2 with the same instructor, but I didn't find any major problems by changing campuses, or instructors. Good luck!
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  4. by   DreamBelieveSucceed
    Hi Fun2Care! After posting my "short story" I began to go back and read other entries on this thread! I have really enjoyed reading your information and input! I am definitely trying not to let "heresay" get the best of me! I guess I do get somewhat frustrated thinking about working so hard for the grades - did I mention I am a perfectionist to not be admitted and have to wait. I am getting very close to applying. I will be taking A&P II and Spanish (my elective) next semester and Micro and possibly something that will apply to my BSN next Fall (06).

    I have also had a friend go through El Centro a few years back and she loved the program. But, unfortunately many people go through life with a half-empty cup instead of a half-full cup!

    Thanks so much for your input and insight! I'm hanging tight with you guys on AllNurses
  5. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    Quote from DreamBelieveSucceed
    But, unfortunately many people go through life with a half-empty cup instead of a half-full cup!

    Thanks so much for your input and insight! I'm hanging tight with you guys on AllNurses
    I have to admit, I am a "half-empty" type on most things, but not when it comes to nursing school!

    (Probably because if it's "half-empty" I want it full!) :chuckle

    I hope you do stick around, it is a great site! (Warning....it is habit-forming!) :roll

    Good luck to you!
  6. by   DreamBelieveSucceed
    I like your drive and determination!! Where do you think I got my username?!? I have been dreaming and believing for quite some time. Now I am succeeding too!! I agree - this is VERY habit forming!! But it is great to chat with people in my situation!
    Thanks for your help
  7. by   TXMOM
    Quote from L&D4ME
    Hey TXMOM...

    I have this really good English Professor at NL,do you go there? If so, I can give you her name.=]
    No, I sure don't. I am going to go to Cedar Valley. Thank you though!!

    Hi Dream! That's neat you're a SAHM, I'm a SAHM as well.

    I need to go get my packet so I can re-send it for Fall. I need to check if the Fall schedules are out yet..I'm going to take English and Micro at Cedar Valley. I WILL get an A in these classes.
  8. by   sunnyjohn
    I got my letters today!

    Of teh 6 schools I applied to 3 sent acceptance letters that I got today.

    I am gonna decline Northlake in favor of Purdue Calumet 'cause my DF and I need to stay in Indiana a bit longer.

  9. by   TXMOM
    Congrats to you!! Woohooo!!
  10. by   LKG6
    Quote from sunnyjohn
    I am gonna decline Northlake in favor of Purdue Calumet 'cause my DF and I need to stay in Indiana a bit longer.
    :hatparty: :hatparty: :hatparty: Congratulations!!!

    I am going to start the North Lake program.

  11. by   DreamBelieveSucceed
    Congrats to you guys on your acceptances!!

    TXMOM - I am going to Cedar Valley right now too!!! Although I live in Rowlett, the only classes I needed to take were available only at Cedar Valley - a good 35 minute drive going 70 MPH!!! Anyway, all I am taking right now is A&P I on MW during the day. My kids are all in school so I can go to campus while they are gone. How far along are you? After this semester I need A&P II, Micro and Spanish. I need to go to an info meeting and get the whole process in motion (CPR, shots , paperwork, etc.).
  12. by   lexcourben
    Congrats, Sunnyjohn!!!!
  13. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    :hatparty: CONGRATULATIONS, SunnyJohn! :hatparty:

    Good luck!