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When are all you guys starting classes? I start next Monday on the 14th. Excited and just a lil bit nervous at the same dang time. I've been on this website often due to the fact that I deleted... Read More

  1. by   Melissa1986
    Quote from f8dagrate
    am I the only who starts in feb?
    I don't start my ABSN program until May.
  2. by   dkmamato3
    I started this week. A&P II and genetics :-)
  3. by   Nurse2B2016
    Quote from Chelsea13
    I'm taking a 2 week accelerated public speaking class now Jan 3rd-Jan16th and then spring semester starts Jan 23rd! I can't wait, I really do love school!
    I LOVE school too! I'm older. 34 to be exact and I can appreciate it now and really be devoted to learning. It's an awesome feeling.
  4. by   Miiki
    I start on the 16th (I won't have classes on Mon and Tues). Can't wait!
  5. by   violetgirl
    Me too! Very nervous... I start at the Jr. College for my science class on the 22nd and Columbia College online the 14th. It's all I can handle with working part-time. I always worry right before classes start. I have noticed if my time is filled up I tend to do much better, because I have to push myself and my psyche goes on over drive! HA! Hope to pull out "A's" this term. Once my classes end, I will be back on at allnurses in mid-may. No distractions! Even fun computer talk! Best of luck to us all and can't wait to come back and chat again...
  6. by   nadia_2013
    I start orientation on the 14th and 15th. First day of Nursing basic/fundamentals is on the 16th!!! Can't wait. A bit nervous and excited at the same time
  7. by   ImDaMan11
    Quote from f8dagrate
    am I the only who starts in feb?
    lol u know you are jealous that we get to start earlier than you! ;-)