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Hi all, Hoping to start a Chem study group for Spring 2008. I do not begin class until January 15th but figured I would see about getting a group together as soon as possible.... Read More

  1. by   tiarageek
    I'm taking Chem in the spring as well, but the way my school's schedule goes, I don't start until March. Someone in my psych class is taking the Chem in a 6 week session (yikes!), so I've flipped through the syllabus and so on. I'll definitely be hanging around here once Chem starts in the spring..
  2. by   kristi1111
    Well, had my Thursday night class which went much better than Tuesday. We are learning the metric system and conversion factors (I am taking Basic Chem) She showed us a method of converting within the metric system (i.e. grams to kilograms,etc) by using a number line. It is very basic but it is helpful. I am trying to learn it using the factor unit/dimensional analysis way also because it is in the book and I already know that the next chem class I will have to take (I have to take three total) I will have to use this method so I figure it may be easier if I try to learn it sooner than later.

    How is everyone else doing? I feel for the person who was talking about having to memorize polyatomic ions, etc. The last class I took that I ended up dropping last semester because I was having such a hard time had those things in it. I still have to take it but am hoping that after taking this Basic Chem that it will be at least somewhat easier. I also decided that I am going to take all of my 7 science prerequisites that I have left by themselves (I work full time and overtime sometimes.) It will take me a bit longer but the program at the University I am attending only uses your science GPA to decide if you get in their program or not so it is imperative that I do well in these courses.:icon_roll
  3. by   rn2bnwi
    Im doing okay well we haven't 'done' anything but learning metric conversions so far. I think I have taken on too much this semester but iM going to try and go for it. I have one problem I just can't figure out for anything. my sister is an algebra teacher so I think i will take it to her and see if she can help me. but otherwise im starting to figure it out. Im actually taking two chemistry courses at two colleges. one is one week in and the other starts next week. One of the girls in my anatomy class said she didn't think the one im taking next semester was that hard and she was getting a c in a and p (poor study habits) so im taking that class in good faith that It won't be horrible but looking at the book im a little scared. The teacher for the class that has already started is very nice she is defending her thesis this semester(grad student) and she really wants us to like chemistry so her goal is not 'drown' us but help us gain a good foundation so I feel like that if I put in the hours I will be okay. I hope.......
  4. by   AlishiaRN77
    Perhaps i'm freaking out too anyone else having their 1st exam? Mine is coming up next Wed. I'm sure it'll be fine but a typical personality here and really

    Anyway, i'm not sure if anyone else has started on this yet but figured I would post this on here because it helped me to understand the difference.

    Ionic verses Covalent Bonds

    Covalent bond is when atoms share electrons and ionic bonds concern gaining or losing electrons. But if you were given a chemical equation, how would you know if it has an ionic or chemical bond?

    First, ionic and covalent are both chemical bonds. Ionic bonds are between a metal and a nonmetal (refer to your periodic table) and covalent are two nonmetals...for example

    NaCl (salt) is ionic, as Na is a metal.

    H2O (water) is covalent - with no metals

    you also have to look at the intramolecular bonds.- bonds between atoms :

    you have to calculate the electronegativity difference.

    if it between 0 and 0.5 itsnon polar and covalent...
    if its between 0.5 and 1.7 its a polar covalent bond
    if its between 1.7 and 3.3 its an ionic bond

    I hope this helps anyone out there. I found it to really help me understand because i kept getting
  5. by   Hotflashn
    I had my first Organic/Bio chem class today. I haven't even really started and already feel the dread coming. I took intermediate chem a couple summers ago - after not having chem in a zillion years. In fact, they had come up with a few more elements. I almost didn't want to go for the BSN because I didn't want to do organic. I guess there is no fighting it. Instructor told us today that if we are not chem majors, it will likely be the hardest chem class we ever take. Ugh. The only good news is that the program I applied to will make a decision before this grade is in - so provided I pass with a C or better, it will be ok.

    Anyone else taking organic chem?
  6. by   Coffee Addict
    Okay, so yesterday was my first day of chem and I am STRESSING OUT!!! We learned about unit analysis, conversions, significant figures and basic vocab. Im already having a little trouble digesting all of this but I REFUSE to give up....Just want everyone who is worried to know that you are not the only one.
  7. by   itsa307
    I started tonight and I already feel stupid and dread. I know that I am overexaggerating because I think I have a really good teacher but I haven't taken any science classes in 17 years and I feel totally misplaced. Plus it didn't help that no one was really friendly. Lots of people who looked out of place. We have a quiz every week, yes every week! I know I can do this - I keep telling myself I can do this!
  8. by   Determined Virgo
    Hi I'm taking chemistry this spring, so you can count me into the study group.:spin:
  9. by   Hotflashn
    Quote from itsa307
    Plus it didn't help that no one was really friendly.
    So you be the friendly one! You might have to make the first move. It could just be that people are already overwhelmed or nervous.

    I am the oldest person in my org/bio chem class, with exception of the professor. Sometimes that works to my advantage, when the instructors are glad to have a peer, but today I just felt ancient and crumbly. It is hard when I feel like the room mother.

    And YES, you CAN do it!
  10. by   AlishiaRN77
    Hey all,
    I found another great site that is free for Chemistry help.

    It doesn't have my book listed but there are others on there that have asked conversion questions, etc.

    Hope it helps!
  11. by   Hanabna
    Quote from Dior Princess
    Okay, so yesterday was my first day of chem and I am STRESSING OUT!!! We learned about unit analysis, conversions, significant figures and basic vocab. Im already having a little trouble digesting all of this but I REFUSE to give up....Just want everyone who is worried to know that you are not the only one.
    Ahh!! ME too! I have been to three classes so far. We have not done a lab yet. No, she's used the last two Wednesday lab time as more lecture time! I seriously had to sit from 10:30-2:30 of back to back lectures!!!

    I am terrible at Math, but that isn't even my problem. It's Chemistry in general! I just don't get it. My brain can just not comprehend it. In my micro class I know exactly what germs are and you can see it in a microscope. But with atoms and elements and all this mumbo jumbo is really taking its toll on me. You have no idea how many times I wanted to cry (sleep deprived too) and give up on my whole dreams of being a nurse! But luckily I haven't given into my usual "take the easy way out" mentality. I'm going to tough it out. I just hope I pass. I also ordered some Cliff's notes books of Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Microbiology. I'll let ya know if these pocket books are any good.

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  12. by   AlishiaRN77
    Quote from hanabna
    i also ordered some cliff's notes books of chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, and microbiology. i'll let ya know if these pocket books are any good.

    i purchased this book at barnes and noble and so far it's helped. i hope it will help you as well.

    i'm going to see if i can draw something on it's the way my teacher taught us the metric hopefully it works, many apologizes if it doesn't.

    ...................../ - kilo -------------------king
    ................../ - hecto ------------------ henry
    .............../ - deca ---------------------died
    ............/ - base (liter, gram, and meter)--by light green milk
    ........./ - deci --------------------------that dead
    ....../ - centi ---------------------------cows
    .../ - milli ------------------------------make
    -----------> if you draw this z and notice the arrows.....the story line for this is....king henry died by light green milk that dead cows make

    i know, i know pretty gross right....but this made it soooo much easier for me to understand.

    lets say you have 10 meters of something and you need to know what it is in centimeters (cm).

    on the z scale - go to the base where meter is located.
    next look for centimeters - notice that it is 2 lines down from the base.
    then follow the z scale all the way down and notice how it goes to the right.....where the arrow is...
    this means..the decimal will go 2 places to the right.
    thus, 10 meters = 1000 cm

    another example....

    24592 dg (decigrams) = ________ kg (kilograms)

    4 lines to kilo......notice where the arrow the left.
    so 4 decimal places to the left.

    24952 dg = 2.4952 kg

    i hope this helps anyone out there. pm me if you have any questions.
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  13. by   Hanabna
    Thanks that's actually really helpful. I'm going to write it down and practice with it for sure. =]