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  1. tiarageek

    Cedar Crest College/Drexel

    I'm looking at the two of these schools/possibly applying. Pretty much all they have in common is that I've heard good things about the nursing programs (and I suppose both being in PA). I'm not really sure if I want a giant university or a small women's college.. I think they both have aspects that I love. I guess I'm just looking for any information you have about the schools? Did you go to one and love it? And so on, I guess. Thanks in advance!
  2. tiarageek

    Chem Spring 2008

    I still have another month, my school's schedule is just bizarre. And right now I'm going crazy because I can't at all remember how to set up a problem to find the second temperature w/ Charles's Law. I'm just feeling completely stupid. Chem's just been "clicking" for me and now it's... not.
  3. tiarageek

    NET test locations

    So I've searched around and can't seem to find a place where there's a list of test locations for the NET. Does anyone know how to find this? I'm thinking about applying to a school that requires it, but the school's in another city and it'd be easier to take the NET somewhere near me. So how would I find test locations by me? Sorry for the stupid question, and thanks in advance!
  4. tiarageek

    Chem Spring 2008

    I'm taking Chem in the spring as well, but the way my school's schedule goes, I don't start until March. Someone in my psych class is taking the Chem in a 6 week session (yikes!), so I've flipped through the syllabus and so on. I'll definitely be hanging around here once Chem starts in the spring..
  5. tiarageek

    Spring pre-req's!!

    For winter, I'm doing Urban Sociology (LOVE that the nursing program requires this. Not a prereq) and then in Spring, I'm taking Chem, Psych, Eng102, and a 2 credit community health/urban studies thing. Was going to do Chem and A&P with pysch, because then I could apply for clinicals for the fall, but I think that would be too much. I'm not sure.
  6. tiarageek

    Laguardia LPN program

    All I really know is that it's less competitive than the RN program. LAG really pushes the people who don't get into the RN program into LPN, from what I've heard, so it might be Kind of competitive. Oh! I remembered, talking to an advisor the other day, that the GPA cutoff for those who get accepted into the LPN program is about.. 3.4? A little lower or higher, I'm not sure, but around there somewhere. The minimum for the RN hovers around 3.7, if that helps. But if the LPN program works like the RN program, only the GPA from classes required by the nursing program matters.
  7. tiarageek

    Quick Question About A&p

    It's like that with a lot of class sections at my school as well! It's really annoying. Being able to look people up on Rate my professor is such a help.
  8. tiarageek

    LA or NYC

    *shrug* I've never thought of Queens as being B&T-y. I mean, yeah, It's over the river, but.. IDK. It feels different, or I'm a delussional Queens-type. It just feels more than "tecnically" NYC. (:
  9. tiarageek

    LA or NYC

    Just a little nitpick, but while that is what DUMBO refers to, it's actually the name of the neighborhood on the Brooklyn side of the Manhattan Bridge. (And living in Queens/Brooklyn/the Bronx is still living in NYC, but that's a total other conversation.)
  10. tiarageek

    LA or NYC

    I can't help you with salary and such, I'm just starting prereqs. I can tell you that DUMBO is definitely one of the pricier outer borough neighborhoods.
  11. tiarageek

    LA or NYC

    I've never been to LA, and have lived here my whole life, so I'm kinda biased. But I would say that NYC would be a better place. Both cities have high costs of living, but in NYC we've got pretty great transportation. I can't imagine being in LA, where you have to drive everywhere. I guess it depends on what kind of environment you like more (where're you from?).
  12. I'm not taking A&P yet, but I just skimmed the first, and those seem like they'd be really helpful. You're a great note-taker. (:
  13. tiarageek

    A&P1 Fall/Winter 07?

    It's just the winter and summer sessions that're so short. Regular terms are still kind of short (12 weeks), but I figured I'd stress myself out with 6 week A&P. Fun!
  14. tiarageek

    A&P1 Fall/Winter 07?

    I'm taking it in a 6 week session starting in Jan. Eeek, but I kind of can't wait.
  15. tiarageek

    Laguardia or BMCC for RN

    Definitely talk to someone in the nursing department. I'm pretty sure, however, that the nursing portion of the program is pretty much alldayish.
  16. tiarageek

    Laguardia or BMCC for RN

    I'm doing prereqs at LaGuardia now. Everything I've heard says that we have the best 2-year nursing program in CUNY. HOWEVER, the nursing classes at laguardia are only offered during the day, so obviously, if you can't do day classes, stick with BMCC or one of the other schools.