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  1. Hotflashn

    I just had to share because I am so excited

    That is great. Congrats!
  2. Hotflashn

    What about going to California after 6 months experience?

    Not to burst your bubble, but there are not jobs for new grads in the Bay Area and 6 mos is still considered a new grad. Most postings want 1-2 years minimum. It is terrible! Plus the Bay Area has one of the highest concentrations of nursing programs, so there is so much competition. Better to get in a year, first, and or start applying at 6 months and move if you get something. Good luck!
  3. Hotflashn

    Lactation Consultant/Specialist

    Brewer RN, I think your experience is common. I recently took a lactation workshop and noticed some of the nurses had a hard time on the mock quiz because they were answering as nurses in a medical setting. If there was an answer choice of using equipment (pump, scale, SNS) or an MD referral, some picked those options every time, rather than a more basic, global or counseling-based answer. I think the problem with an international test is there are things we would do in our particular setting that might not be available or the norm elsewhere. I am hoping I will have a good balance of both the RN and the LLLL resources to pull from. I found the NCLEX challenging because it didn't really feel like it was using my knowledge so much as my thougt process. Though, it was not nearly as bad as people made it seem or the fuss. I didn't take any preps. Though the exam day is potentially up to 8 hours, actual test time (less breaks, sign in, etc) looks like it is only 5 1/4 hour and candidates can can leave the test session as soon as they complete it. I have had to take 8 hour licensing exams before, so trust I can hold out for the long haul. I wish I had the option of taking it all in one sitting and not breaking for lunch. I will have to stay in my test-taking-town for a few hours after no matter what, to pick my kid up at the airport that day. At least I will have a week of peace and quiet before the test!
  4. Hotflashn

    Lactation Consultant/Specialist

    I am sitting for the exam in less than a month. Why does the exam suck so badly? I am a new grad BSN and thought the NCLEX sucked (though got 75 Qs) so I can't imagine how the IBCLC exam is worse. I was a LLL Leader for 10 years, but have been out of it for some time yet still worked with new BF moms. Now I am concerned about the test. I just spent a whole lot of money on the exam, getting fresh CERPs and taking a 2 1/2 day workshop. I don't want it to be all in vain. Any tips? Thanks!
  5. Hotflashn

    March 2011 Test Takers Support Group

    Congrats to the good pop-uppers! Good job. Hopefully you will have official results soon.
  6. Hotflashn

    Pearson Vue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    Nclex on Friday with 75 Qs, PVT an hour later with the good pop up and the BON posted my license sometime in the night or early this morning. The trick worked for me.
  7. Hotflashn

    March 2011 Test Takers Support Group

    Good luck Hopeful, Notsosuper and Nursebound! I will be thinking of you and looking forward to your posts. Just saw my name posted on the BON this morning, the PVTworked!
  8. Hotflashn

    so i took my nclex-rn yesterday--and oh what happened?

    Sorry Nclexwarrior and Sheena. Don't give up. You can do it.
  9. Hotflashn

    March 2011 Test Takers Support Group

    @Hopeful310, just do it. I had to reschedule my test, and when I did, I booked it sort of far out. It just felt like it was hanging over my head. Then I impulsively rescheduled last week, when I saw a good time slot I liked come open. I didn't even think, that I would not have any more time to study and I was getting too close to change it. The day before I got cold feet, but it was too late. I got that same red notice telling me no, I could not rescheule. I felt a moment of panic, but then relaxed because it meant I really didn't have any more choice in the matter. It forced me to do it. I needed that. I still don't have my results, but it feels so good to have that test out of the way. Even if I have to do it again, I at least have that first one out of the way, right? I never have to do that one again! And honestly, while I was taking the test I was thinking that no further amount of study would have helped me at that point. Another week or two weeks would not have made the difference. Another thing my friend told me - you don't have to do perfectly, you just have to pass. You don't have to get an A, or a perfect score, you just have to pass by one question. So whether you score 100%, or barely pass, it doesn't matter. You probably already have what you need to pass, since you got through school and most peope pass. Trust yourself! Go for it. Try to let yourself be EXCITED rather than petrified! You can do it! Good luck
  10. Hotflashn

    so i took my nclex-rn yesterday--and oh what happened?

    Oh Sheena, I am sorry you didn't get the good pop up. It isn't over until it is over, though. I hope you will be the exception. Take care
  11. Hotflashn

    March 2011 Test Takers Support Group

    Seriously, huh? I am not sure how I would have gotten through the last weeks, being obbsessed with testing. It helped so much to know there were others in the thick of it. Everyone else I know has already tested. It felt so good to wake up this morning and have it out of the way!
  12. Hotflashn

    PVTis true.

    Congrats! I hope the PVT is true for me, too.
  13. Hotflashn

    so i took my nclex-rn yesterday--and oh what happened?

    I don't think anyone feels confident after that test. I didn't feel confident about a single answer beyond the tutorial! I took my test on the 4th, and shut off at 75, too, and am also in CA. I came straight home and did the PVT. I thought I would throw up just from the anxiety of waiting for my computer to load the page! Got the good pop-up and that has helped calm me so I can wait for the BON to hopefully post good news soon. Good luck, everyone waiting for results.
  14. Hotflashn

    NCLEX-RN book

    These are the exact 3 I found helpful, too, though NONE had questions that were like the NCLEX. I think LaCharity's book was so helpful because I didn't get as much teaching on these topics in school as I needed. The rationales in the book really helped. Good luck
  15. Hotflashn

    March 2011 Test Takers Support Group

    I will believe it when I see it. Hopefully soon. For now, I am acting like I passed because I need a break! If I didn't and I am heartbroken later, I will be heartbroken later. For now, it is celebration time. :cheers:
  16. Hotflashn

    California waiting

    It is good to know the PVT seems accurate. You had the chance to see it work both ways. I am sorry about the first time, but congrats the second time around!