Carrington College or UNR?

  1. I guess I would just like a little validation or encouragement (for patience?). I need to make a choice this month.
    I am down to 2 choices: Carrington College or University Nevada Reno. I really want to be a nurse asap. I have been going to school since 2004 & just now decided what I want to do for sure, 100%
    *If I go for Carrington it will includes my pre-reqs & all costs (Even gives me my NCLEX fee back if I pass 1st try) I could start May 2011 & Graduate AAS April 2013. I have enough aid left to cover my 1st year. But Jan 2012 I would need to pay $26,000 extra. I feel determined enough to apply for several scholarships to try to get the money. I could also make payments on the remainder, if need be. My sister could also get in with me (if we are both lucky).
    *If I go to UNR, I would have many more pre-req courses to do, I would hopefully start Fall 2012 & graduate BSN Dec 2013. If I don't get in then, then I could try for Spring 2013-Spring 2014. I am confident I could get more aid at the school (possibly excess $ to me), as it is a state university w/ many financial aid options.
    *I am also planning to complete a CNA course next semester, Spring 2011-Do you think this will "tie me over" until I start UNR???
    *My heart says Carrington bc I will be in nursing stuff much faster than UNR & I could become a nurse 7 months sooner(ish or more)
    *Any nursing program is competitive, so neither way or start date is even an guarantee?
    *If I try for Carrington & don't get in, then I can just push UNR back a semester to a Spring 2013 start date...?? Should I leave my fate in my test scores hands/ universe??
    *I feel like maybe it is worth trying to scrape up 26k bc it is worth it to get in sooner & be done sooner?
    *I feel like if I go to CC, than I can still get my BSN later on, after experience & potentially with Employer tuition reimbursement?
    *I LOVE the idea of both schools
    *I want to be patient & just go for UNR, but what if I go all these semesters & my grades aren't high enough? (need at least a 3.8 for UNR-CC is Hesi & essay only) Then I will no longer have enough fin aid to go to CC...
    *Mostly I just want to be a nurse asap & get into nursing school soon
    **HELP** Which route should I go, because each way is a gamble?!
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  3. by   Christine2009
    If you go the route with Carrington, you have to complete the LVN program first then bridge over to their LVN to RN program.

    I would take the LVN program at Carrington and then when you are done with that you can have the option of the LVN to RN program online with Indiana State University (The College Network).

    That is just my two cents...maybe others can direct you better, but whatever you do decide, I wish you well in your journey
  4. by   CaliJessXoxo
    Thank you-the Carrington College in Reno is an RN program, for clarification
  5. by   MicheleMA
    check NCLEX pass rates. They are low. I myself have thought about it for the same reasons. Why wait. I am looking into ITT tech in Henderson for their program. I have thought about Carrington also since it's closer to me from Sacramento. Go there and see how you feel. If You get a bad feeling then wait. The Sacramento Program has an 82 % NCLEX pass rate, i would hope reno Is the same.
  6. by   GoneFishN
    Carrington College (formerly Western Career College) has been linked to scams. I advise researching the school's track record more in depth and investigate the negativity that surrounds the school.

    CAUTION: For profit schools leave students with massive amounts of debt and shattered dreams.
  7. by   CaliJessXoxo
    I decided to not go there after all. I will try for all the other schools locally.
  8. by   703annC
    UNR all the way. Stay away from Carrington/Apollo I was one of the students with the shattered dream. I applied to other schools.
  9. by   Kari72

    What do you mean by shattered dreams? I am looking into going there but I want info from both sides, from the school and the people saying not to go there. I hope you don't mind me asking I just want to know so I don't make any mistakes by going there. Thanks Kari
  10. by   703annC
    Kari 72
    If you are looking to applying at the Las Vegas Campus for Carrington my advice is just to stay away. I'm no to sure about the Reno campus but if they run things the same way as the LV campus then its no good. I was there for 4 semsters and all of the sudden teachers were quitting. The whole Nursing department were gone. This was already a sign that the school was not doing so well. I had friends that were interested in the program and called for information about the RN program, and the receptionist stated that Carrington no longer had the RN program and tried to offer her the RT program instead....So far other students have stayed at that school. But when teachers/nurses with great knowledge and nursing skills quit it was a sign the school was going downhill...I left the school and applied to other RN programs I felt that my education was a rip off. They get you in the door and take your money.
  11. by   Kari72
    Thank You very much, I'm hoping that the Reno campus is better then that! I talked with someone that just graduated from the Reno Campus with their first class and she said that she really enjoyed it and she felt like she had gained a lot of knowledge. She said she will be taking the NCLEX this month and that she felt like she was ready to take it. So hopefully it will be better then the LV campus! Thanks again for the info.
  12. by   GGirll22
    College network is a rip off!
  13. by   IndyColts
    I recommend you check into the clinical placements for both programs. Your clinical experience in a nursing program is very important and some hospitals/medical centers exclude private, for profit programs from using their settings. The Carrington LVN-RN program in Sacramento, for example, is having a lot of trouble placing their students in clinical settings. My guess is that UNR has an established reputation in the community and has the better clinical opportunities than the Carrington program.
  14. by   tanna898
    Indy when you say the LVN to RN program in Sacramento is having problems placing students at clinical sites it makes me think that you are a current student. I plan on going there for this program and would love to hear more info from actual students than just sale reps.