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  1. 703annC

    Warning do not go to Carrington College....

    KrytinaA, I am very sorry to hear what happened to you . I only thought this was happening at the Las Vegas. Everything you mention sounds very similar to the stories from students that have went to Carrington in Las Vegas. I have already left the school when all the instructors were leaving that was already a sign. You should try an contact the state board and see what they can do for you. You do have student rights. Good luck to you!
  2. Beware of Carrington College they might do you wrongthis just happened at this location. http://www.ktnv.com/story/14291629/you-ask-why-didnt-my-college-notify-me-sooner-about-nursing-program-phasing-out
  3. 703annC

    Carrington College Reno

  4. 703annC

    Warning do not go to Carrington College....

    http://www.ktnv.com/story/14291629/you-ask-why-didnt-my-college-notify-me-sooner-about-nursing-program-phasing-out So sad for students that were in the program. Now they have to start over.
  5. 703annC

    ITT Tech

  6. 703annC

    Carrington College or UNR?

    Kari 72 If you are looking to applying at the Las Vegas Campus for Carrington my advice is just to stay away. I'm no to sure about the Reno campus but if they run things the same way as the LV campus then its no good. I was there for 4 semsters and all of the sudden teachers were quitting. The whole Nursing department were gone. This was already a sign that the school was not doing so well. I had friends that were interested in the program and called for information about the RN program, and the receptionist stated that Carrington no longer had the RN program and tried to offer her the RT program instead....So far other students have stayed at that school. But when teachers/nurses with great knowledge and nursing skills quit it was a sign the school was going downhill...I left the school and applied to other RN programs I felt that my education was a rip off. They get you in the door and take your money.
  7. 703annC

    Itt tech portland or henderson students

    Hi, I am currently a student at ITT yes there program is very new, but so far so good. I already had a bad experience at a different school here in Las Vegas. I did my research and applied to other places and choose ITT. Goodluck to you.
  8. 703annC

    Apollo College (now Carrington College) questions

    Did you end up applying? Please look into the nevada state board website http://www.nursingboard.state.nv.us/ very helpful with all RN program questions and if you are looking to move to another state the book Contemporary nursing has alot of info.
  9. 703annC

    Carrington College or UNR?

    UNR all the way. Stay away from Carrington/Apollo I was one of the students with the shattered dream. I applied to other schools.
  10. 703annC

    Carrington College

    Which state are you in? AZ? Because the program here in NV is not going well.
  11. 703annC

    apollo college

    Please to all pre nursing students in Las Vegas do your research with private schools. I had the worst experience at Apollo/Carrington College. Instructors that were very knowledgable and well respected left Apollo to teach elsewhere. For some reason they are under constant watch from the nursing accrediation. I followed the advice of a 5th semester student when I was in 3rd semester and transferred to a different program. So much happier...
  12. 703annC

    Kaplan College New LPN program

    My advice is to check the Nevada State Nursing Board website: http://www.nursingboard.state.nv.us/ this link will answer all your questions regarding the programs. You can contact them to make sure your program is approved. With the new schools here in Las Vegas, they all fall under provisional accrediation you can read more in detail on the Nursing Practice Act links on the state board site. How is the program so far? Good luck to you.
  13. 703annC

    Warning do not go to Carrington College....

    Yes I definitly see where you are coming from. Unfortunatly I got into the mess of going to school here. I had a friend that had a good experience and found a job right away from graduating from this school when it was named APOLLO College. So I decided to go there myself. This is not the 1st time this school has had problems with the RN program. I was in my 3rd semester and with the name change of the school 7-8 nursing insructors quit to teach elsewhere. This grabbed my attention as I was very shocked and sad that these great nurses-nursing teachers were leaving. This was a sign that this nursing school isn't going to hold up. Upon this change Carrington opened up a PTA program, seems as if they did this to cover the expenses that they are loosing by not carrying on with the RN program. The school also did not enroll another batch of nursing students in between semesters. Which is not normal for a RN program...Very unorganized...I eventually decided not to further on my education there and have applied to other programs that are well worth the wait. Advice to pre nursing students save your money and go to CSN or UNLV Goodluck!