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GGirll22 specializes in Med Surg/ Pedi, OR.

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  1. GGirll22

    I failed my first attempt on TEAS

    Mika92 It is better for you to make your own notes. It will help you to understand the content better. Try it .... Flash Cards.
  2. GGirll22

    California Prison Hospital - Stockton

    Did you have your interview yet??? I have info
  3. GGirll22

    Am I the *******?

    You could be apart of the problem....
  4. GGirll22

    wanting to become RN

    It is late in the game only IF you think it is ....
  5. Maybe it is your calling to work with Mental health patients. Good luck to you
  6. GGirll22

    Brave or just stupid?

    If you can dream the career you want go for it. It won't be easy but it is in your heart.
  7. GGirll22

    Too soon to ask about going part time or to day shift?

    I think you need a good night of rest. Are they willing to let you swap shifts with other co workers? Good luck !
  8. GGirll22

    Being friends with residents on Facebook

    I am not friends with my CO- workers on Facebook. People can turn messy real quick.
  9. GGirll22

    African American Hair Problems in Nursing

    When our Hair is relaxed.... the Other race of people are relaxed. They don't understand why we wear OUR own HAIR. But they question when WE have different color hair and different styles due to wigs and weaves. I'm trying to figure out Who are We trying to please?
  10. GGirll22

    I hate nursing

    Talk to a Professional about your thoughts. Burnt OUT is real !
  11. GGirll22

    I'm a Man, Can I be Successful as An OB Nurse

    You are a Man, Do you think you Can be a successful OB nurse ?
  12. GGirll22

    Do you ever wish you were a doctor?

    I play one on TV
  13. GGirll22

    Sacramento Nursing

    Oh ok I love Tahoe. I hope things go in your favor, keep trying. I bought my house when things still seemed normal. Hopefully someone from UC Davis will read this post and reply. Sorry I could be of more assistance.
  14. GGirll22

    Smoking Nurses

    What are they smoking? Where are they smoking?
  15. GGirll22

    Made mistakes

    Make it your goal to be a better nurse. Let it go...