Can I pass the Hesi with only 2 weeks to study???

  1. Anyone pass the Hesi with only 2 weeks to study? I have to take my first attempt with by the end of next month and wondering if anyone else had limited time and passed?
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  3. by   203bravo
    hard to say -- but i would suggest that based on the exam sections that you will be required to take for your program.. such as if you only need to take the reading comprehension, grammar, and math sections then 2 weeks would be an abundance of time to review and brush up on those areas...however if it's been awhile since you taken A&P and life sciences (such as biology) and you may require a little deeper review and study then 2 weeks may be pushing it..

    Since your post states that you MUST take your first attempt prior to the end of December, then you really have nothing to lose.. go ahead and schedule the exam and start your review immediately.. Make a plan on the areas that you need to study and set a specific amount of time everyday that is devoted to study time and stick to it. You'll be surprised at how quickly information comes back to your immediate recall.

    Best of luck.
  4. by   rob95
    I agree with the previous poster, some schools do require you to test on A&P or Chemistry as well and you might need much more time to study since those subjects are more complex. My school only tests on Reading, Grammar, and Math and I studied for 3-4 days prior to taking the exam and passed with flying colors. The math is very basic and so is the reading and grammar portions. But I know for a fact that I would've studied much more in advance if I were to be tested on A&P.
  5. by   Apple-Core
    It depends on what is expected of you. In my area, we "only" had to do math and English. Other areas expect all the sciences. If it's just English and Math you should be good, IMO.
  6. by   MamaCatNeighbor
    I believe so. I had two weeks to study for the Hesi A2 but I only focused on material I struggled, such as Anatomy and Physiology, Biology, and Vocabulary. For Anatomy and Physiology and Biology, I created notes and watched alot of videos. I also looked at different posts on here about what to study for the Hesi A2, which helped. It also depends on who you are as a person and how much time you can devote to studying. I also purchased the Hesi A2 PocketPrep App and it helped as well.
  7. by   Amberrae
    If you're good at what you're being tested in, you should do fine with only two weeks to study. Like everyone else mentioned, I suggest you focus on your weakest topics.
  8. by   Beckylydon
    Did you like the pocket prep app? I've seen some out there. But, it's hard to tell which ones are the good ones!
  9. by   Tprofitt
    I think 2 weeks is fine. The HESI is pretty generalized so the material you should know. Unless you had took the subjects years ago I think you will be surprised when you see how easy it is.
  10. by   MamaCatNeighbor
    Quote from Beckylydon
    Did you like the pocket prep app? I've seen some out there. But, it's hard to tell which ones are the good ones!
    I liked it but wished I used it longer. I was a bit hesitant to buy it but I did and it was helpful. It provides a lot of questions, so it gave more study material.
  11. by   allisonnn317
    i literally did not study for the HESI and got 95%, you'll be fine! it's surprisingly easy. half the math section was just simple calculations that you could literally do on a calculator in 2 seconds
  12. by   DrTango
    If you did well in school, and have good test taking skills, then you'll do fine with HESI. Good luck!
  13. by   OhHellsBells
    Yes! I was required to take all areas of the HESI to be considered for the school I went to. With 2 weeks to study I bought the HESI admissions test study booklet at barns and noble (I think it was $20). I poured over it and did as many practice tests online as I could. I passed with a 95%. You can do it!
  14. by   JJohnson95
    Depending on what the average acceptance scores are at your school. And how knowledgeable you are on the ENTIRE HESI review book. Lets say, you were to combine all of the questions from all of your school's required sections from the review book. And make a mini exam. If you don't score a 95 or better overall on your FIRST ATTEMPT. I honestly would not advise you on using one of the few attempts at becoming a Health Care Professional. FROM EXPERIENCE I had only 2 weeks to complete my HESI but it was much much more information on the exam then I could completely grasp in so little time. I used this reference and it really helped, she has quizlet's you can turn into mini exams for more practice. But you should do the mini exam thing just to see where you are. GOODLUCK

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