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Okay this is my last semester, i did 6 semester in all, my science and graduation prereqs are all done now it's just applying to the program.Only thing is that I have a 2.87 GPA due to few C's in my... Read More

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    Retake sciences if possible and take a teas prep class before taking the test. I am just getting started but i do know that nursing is my passion and if I have to spend $$$ on buying all kinds of different books to help me and take an extra class or two I will! Also have you taken the VARK assessment to see what kind of learner you are? I just started Biol and our first assignment was to take the quick assessment so we can figure out what kind of learners we are. Best of luck to you I hope you get in somewhere
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    I disagree with the comment about the Teas test. I did not do very well on the teas test- enough to get in the nursing program- my nursing exams were all in the high 80's to 99 . I hated the Teas- it made me feel stupid. As for being a CNA- wiping butt all day does nothing for ur future as nurse. It teaches short cuts and bad habits bc ur workload will not allow you to be a proper CNA.
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    I wanna add that being a CNA is back breaking and under appreciated work. They are treated poorly and I can't stand it. I would never disrespect the CNAs that work for me on my shift.
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    Quote from SycamoreStudent
    A C students biggest hurdle will be getting accepted into a program.
    Not necessarily the biggest hurdle, more like the first hurdle. I have seen A students fail nursing. Nursing is a whole different ballgame. It's not about reading and regurgitating. It's also. It just about performing the skills just like the book tells you to. So much of it is about critical thinking (I know students hate that phrase). Problem solving, putting the pieces together. Knowing what to do when the feces hit the fan. The odds are, you will struggle, if admitted. I don't know you, so cannot say you can't do it. I also cannot say "don't worry, you can do it if you really want it that bad". But there is a reason programs have a cut off, regarding GPA and entrance exam grades. Again, even those with A's may struggle in nursing.
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    Please do I would love to hear from you and no matter what don't give up!
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    Most schools in our area (DC metro) Universities and Community Colleges will not even look at a student with a pre-req GPA under 3.0 - and usually they want higher at least 3.4 and above. If you "C"s were in science classes, you'll want at least a B in them to be considered, so you'll prob want to re-take them before applying. Good luck with it all - it is a hard road to get into nursing school for many of us and there are trying times while IN school but it is worth it!
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    Did you make it to nursing school?
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    Quote from x_factor
    Why would it be acceptable for a student with barely passing grades to be allowed into a program and take away a spot from a student that worked hard to obtain a very competitive GPA, all because they "kissed butt" to the dean? That is absurd, sad, and pathetic on very many levels and I find it sad that you would not only recommend doing this, but even admit that you yourself would do it.

    Seriously people, what happened to working hard for something and actually earning it.
    I agree .... why would someone doing little get into the program - I made sure I got all As in my first pre req semester this summer and I DID get A's - I worked my ass off.. I wouldn't want someone who slacked to be accepted,,, that pisses me off actually...I slaved this summer....
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    You have the chance to get into the nursing program, but I recommend improving those science classes, and working your butt off. I took Physiology twice because the first time I failed it, partially because my heart wasn't 100% into it. I took it a second time this past spring and I got a B on it because I was passionate and I was ready to put in the hard work. So it can be done to be successful, you just gotta stop down-grading yourself and put in the hard work.
  11. by   Miss Infermiera2b
    I'm sorry but I've never heard of anyone getting into nursing school with a GPA like that. I definitely agree with the advice to retake your sciences, although I do find that concerning...Bio was the easiest science I took. How are you going to ace A&P with that limited understanding, and worse, your more complex nursing classes after that?