Bummed out.Anybody receive their letter from Pasadena City College? I'm an alternate.

  1. Ok, so I am a little bummed out. I received my letter from PCC today and I'm an alternate for the ladder program. I guess I should be happy to even be an alternate but I was so hoping on getting in there. I have apps in at a couple other local schools but this was my first choice :angryfire So anyways, has anyone had any experience in being on a wait list? I'm guessing its a good thing but how many alternates do they actually take? I have to attend the orientation with all the other students who got in, hoping that one of them drop so I can get in. I feel so evil he he. Anyways sorry I had to vent. Good luck to everyone who is still waiting.
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  3. by   SummerGarden
    I am not attending your school or even in your State! However, I wanted to give you some hope. All of the alternates at my school had to attend the meeting as well and all were told he/she was accepted!

    The reason being, a few students declined and the rest (8 or more) did not return his/her letter of intent by the due date!!! No joke! The late students were automatically DROPPED from the program and must re-apply and compete against a new batch of students next year. :trout:

    By the way, I have read that most people on a small list get accepted so don't worry. Show up to orientation as if you have a spot! Good luck. :spin:
  4. by   tookewlandy
    I was an alternate(#8) this year and i ended up getting in, and now i am 6 weeks and 2 tests away from my first semester of nursing school, and i have a A average so far, which im still in shock about lol. My point don't give up hope, ther ei spossblity you can still gain acceptance. Andy
  5. by   BSNtobe2009
    Just remember that many apply to several different nursing programs, women get pregnant, some can't come up with the money, personal drama, etc.

    Here's to hope for you!
  6. by   AuntieRN
    We had 8 alternates and they all made it in. Don't give up yet.
  7. by   WDWpixieRN
    Yes, make sure you go to that orientation, as we had folks who were sure they were at least 2 semesters from being admitted who have now almost completed their first semester with me!! They were totally shocked when they got the phone calls so close to the semester starting!!

    Good luck!!
  8. by   tm093726
    Thank you everyone for the encouragement. I am planning as if I have a spot and am starting to get finances in order so when I start I will be prepared and not go broke trying to finish this thing Long story. Again thanks for the support I will keep you all posted.

  9. by   WDWpixieRN
    Quote from tm093726
    I am planning as if I have a spot and am starting to get finances in order so when I start I will be prepared and not go broke trying to finish this thing.
    Looking forward to hearing if you get in....oh, and if you figure out that not going broke thing, let me know....I could use advice on that!!
  10. by   carol72
    Did you hear from the other schools you applied to? Did you find out how many alternates PCC has? I, too, am planning to attend the orientation at PCC in December. May I ask why this school was your first choice?
  11. by   tm093726
    Well I chose PCC as my first school since it is the closest to my house but now I am leaning towards Glendale. I have heard some bad things from PCC from a couple of students who went there but I guess everyone has there own opinion.
  12. by   carol72
    You mentioned Pasadena vs. Glendale. I got in to both & can't decide which to go with. I, too, heard negative things about the Pasadena program but I might choose this one. Guidance needed.
  13. by   tm093726
    So I called PCC and asked them about the alternate status and what are my chances and so on. I know they get tired of hearing this but oh well and the lady I spoke to said it was good that I was on the waiting list and that they usually have a wait list of about 20 people for the generic RN program and that last year they did take a good number from that list. So from this I am hoping that they pulled a shorter wait list for the ladder people and that would make my chances better. I guess they are waiting to see how many more people don't return thier letters, fail out of second semester and so on. But here's the one thing that sucks, she wouldn't give me a alternate number. So I can be number 1 or 30 who knows GRRRRRRR. SO here's hoping I get in. Orientation is coming up and I am ready he he.

    :trout: umpiron:
  14. by   carol72
    The bridge started today at PCC & there were about three alternates present. Did you consider just showing up? I know this is not possible for those of us that work, but, it looks like these alternates might get in (these alternate students were not on the list, they just took it upon themselves to show up). The class should be a group of 20 but I think I counted about 18 or 19 today. This is just a suggestion. You can PM me back if you want more info. Best wishes.