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Hi all, I am new to this and wanted to say hi! Also, I was wondering if anyone is going to Mass College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences next year-I just found out last week that I was accepted into... Read More

  1. by   Moose31
    HI! Im starting the Accelerated BSN at MCPHS -MAnchester this fall!!!! Congratulations to everyone else. Very excited I cant wait
  2. by   rosemary08
    hey Moose31,
    I'm going to manchester this fall too! nice to meet you~
    are you from NH area?
  3. by   CLLB585
    i'm so excited for you all! I am sending in my essay and just waiting for the recommendations to be sent, to finish my application for Jan. of 09" at MCPHS Worcester!
  4. by   bluegreentree
    Hi All,
    I am also attending MCPHS in Manchester this Fall. I just realized that we will have class each day not three or four days of the week. I will be commuting from Boston. Is anyone else out there doing that and what would you think about a carpool? I haven't been able to find another transport route that takes me the whole way.
  5. by   bluegreentree
    I am going to commute from boston (southend) to Manchester. Where are you coming from? I am hoping a carpool is going to happen.
  6. by   Moose31
    Quote from rosemary08
    hey Moose31,
    I'm going to manchester this fall too! nice to meet you~
    are you from NH area?
    I have lived in Plymouth for 2 years but i am moving down to Manchester in august. (originally from NY)
  7. by   GoSox08
    Hi bluegreentree,

    I'm from the metrowest, by Cambridge and I have yet to decide whether to commute to Manchester or not. I'm not sure how much rent goes for in the area, and I'm also not sure what the commute would be like from Boston to Manchester five days a week. Do you know anything about the commute?

  8. by   bluegreentree
    It is about 50 miles from Boston to Manchester. I am thinking rent migth be cheaper up there than in Boston at least. I was looking at the classes and if I get in the Lab 3 then the classes would be 4 days a week. Carpooling be be great but I am not sure who else is going to do that. I am married and my husband is a BC so we can't move up there.
    Would it be easy for you to relocate? I think I can tough it out for 16 months. We have been living about an hour commute away for the past year and it has been tiring but mostly becuase we get home after 9pm. I am going to be doing it and hope for the best.
  9. by   Momstudent13
    For those of you that got into the program what were your undergrad GPAs and pre-req GPAs?
  10. by   truffles111
    Does anyone know what the worcester schedule will be like??