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Just wondering - anyone out there applying for admission to Nursing Program through Dallas County Community College District for Fall '06 (or even Spring '07) admission? I am in the process - can... Read More

  1. by   DreamBelieveSucceed
    Quote from lexcourben
    Hey Dream,

    Glad you passed the NET. I've seen a couple of other posters that said the reading portion was hard. If you don't mind me asking which part of the reading was hard for you? I may have to take it as my plan B school requires it so I ws just wondering.

    What else do you have to do to complete your application packet? Are you getting nervous yet? It seemed like the filing deadline was so long ago and now it's just around the corner. I'm actually relieved that classes will be starting again next week. Nothing like a little A&P II to take your mind off the waiting.

    I know there's more DCCCD applicants out there. Come out, come out wherever you are!!!!! We'll play nice, promise!


    Hey Sandy - glad to hear from you!
    The NET, I think, is structured differently from the HESI. The Math portion of the NET gives you 60 questions in 60 minutes. It consists of basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and then moves into using the basics with decimals and fractions. Next up is conversions of percent, decimal, fractions and various problems involving these conversions; i.e., 4-1/4 % of (?) = 8.5. Then comes basic algebra.

    Normally, I am NOT a math person. But, because the study guide is great at giving you exact examples of what is on the test, studying is very black-and-white - this is the problem and this is how you work it!!!

    The reading portion only consists of (I say "only" and yet I almost flunked!) reading paragraphs and answering multiple choice questions about the Main Idea, Theme, Purpose. That sounds easy, I know, especially when you like to read and you understand what you read. However, on the NET test you have to do alot of "reading between the lines" and choosing THE BEST answer of which 2-3 sound pretty close/good! I didn't finish the reading portion - I left 7 or 8 unfinished because the time ran out before I got to them!

    Now I have to do my CPR class and get my physical - both of which I have on the calendar and ready to go. We have until Feb. 28 to have our apps in. What about you? Didn't you say that your app was due in May? What do you have left to do to get your packet ready? Remind me what school you are applying to?

    I'm with you - come on classes! A&P II and Micro....take me away!!! So much for Calgon bath bubbles:chuckle
  2. by   lexcourben
    Quote from DreamBelieveSucceed
    Didn't you say that your app was due in May? What do you have left to do to get your packet ready? Remind me what school you are applying to?
    The apps for Brookhaven are due Feb. 28th as well. All I'm really waiting for is verification that my prereqs from my first degree will transfer over. I also have to take the HESI but I'm going to take that at the beginning of Feb. I'm a little concerned about the A&P portion so I want to have a little more study time. Brookhaven doesn't require the physical and shots until after you're accepted.
  3. by   LKG6
    Quote from Fun2Care
    They're not that hard, it's just I have to take my final on or before this Friday (THE 13TH!) :uhoh21: I really didn't want to wait until the last day, but I have to try to get all of these formulas down b/4 I can take my last test, and b/4 I can study for my final. uggggh
    Good Luck Funny.
    You will get an A. I can feel it.
  4. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    Quote from LKG6
    Good Luck Funny.
    You will get an A. I can feel it.

    Thanks Katie! I took my final today, so only time will tell now.

    Is it time yet? Is it time yet? Is it time YETTTTT?
  5. by   txspadequeenRN
    Im jealous of your algebra grades... Oh I forgot to tell you that I made a big OLE FAT...D last semester and guessed it have to take it again. Well 3rd time is the charm right.....

    Quote from Fun2Care
    The Algebra class is going far. I don't have my 3rd test grade yet, nor my midterm grade. (I took the midterm today, and the testing environment wasn't good. The lights went off, it was hot, the staff was loud the whole time...ugggh)

    I do have a 100 average on my quizzes so far, though. The quizzes average together for 1 test grade.

    I made a 100 on my first test, and a 96 on the second.

    I hope I can keep it up. The midterm & final are what's worrying me. They count for so much, and are only 33 questions!

    Enough about that.... I have all of my required shots already b/c I applied for Spring. I have to go get a new physical, and get another HepA. (I'm doing HepA just because.)

    This Algebra class ends on the 13th, so whenever I get my transcript with this grade, I'll go down and apply for Fall 06. (I just hope I get the transcript b/4 the 26th. I don't want to make two trips, if I can help it.)

    I hope you are feeling better by tomorrow. Sometimes immunizations does that to people. I always gave my girls Tylenol before I went to get them their shots. I guess it's your body's defense mechanism fighting the varmits in the shots. :chuckle

    I live in Arlington, and will drive to NLC. (HOPEFULLY) ECC is too far, unless that is the only way I can get in. I'll take either.

    Again, good luck to everyone. Hopefully, more people will visit.
  6. by   Polska
    I have a bachelor degree in Hospitality Management and I am working in some Resort right now, but I am considering to go back to shool to get a RN degree, which one is the fastest way to go? I am a female 30 years old and I want to be a mom soon so I do not want to spend to much time in school. I live in Dallas and I need advices for where to go either a community college or a University.
    Thanks for your advices in advance.
  7. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    Quote from txspadequeen921
    Im jealous of your algebra grades... Oh I forgot to tell you that I made a big OLE FAT...D last semester and guessed it have to take it again. Well 3rd time is the charm right.....

    I'm so sorry, txspadequeen.

    For myself, I worked the problems over and over and over, until I got them right. I looked at the answers, and figured out what I was doing wrong. I worked pretty much all day long on Algebra.

    My family hated me, I hated the world, but it's all over now. LOL

    You can do it, TXSPADEQUEEN, I know you can!
  8. by   Angels'
    All Student Nurses:

    Welcome to the All Nurses Forums
    and wishing you the best in all of your Nursing career

    A Returning Student

    "Footsteps In The Sand"
  9. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    I still haven't recieved my Algebra grade yet!

    I guess I'll have to go get a transcript printed and head straight up to ECC to switch out my old application with the new one on or before the 26th.

    Again, good luck to you all!
  10. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    Is there a new application for Fall '06? The page I have marked only has the application that has "Revised for Fall 2005 Application Process". Is that the right one?

    (Even though it's for 2006?)
  11. by   Worthless_Nut
    Hi all --

    I am still working on my prereq's at El Centro - taking the dreaded College Algebra this semester. Took DMAT 0093 last semester, though, which covered all the basic and intermediate algebra. I was thinking about taking the NET now just to get it over with.

    For those of you who have taken the NET already, two questions:

    (1) Do I need to take College Algebra before taking the NET? (From your previous posts, sounds like the answer is no.)

    (2) Any of you interested in selling your used NET prep book to a deserving customer (i.e., me)?

    It is great to see posts from ladies who are in the same boat. Thanks for any words of wisdom you have to share ... and if I ever attain any wisdom about this whole process, I will pass it on as well!
  12. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    Hi Worthless_Nut, and welcome to!

    I think basic Algebra will be fine for the NET. Make sure to review fractions, ratios, and addition/subtraction as well as algebra problems.

    For most people, the math is not the part to worry about....even for those who are not good at math. Many people stress over the math to find out that they should have stressed over the reading part. It's not your basic "What's wrong with this sentence?"-type questions.

    I found my NET Study Guide on Ebay, so you may want to look on there, or Amazon, etc.

    Good luck to you!
  13. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    I made a 93 on Algebra! :hatparty: glad that's overwith!:chuckle