Any past losers out there?

  1. Hey all! I've been lurking on these boards forever and I'm delurking to ask a question. I absolutely wasted high school on partying and just squeaked by. I never set foot in a college classroom.I went right from high school to working in a warehouse to being a mom. Now that some years have passed, I've matured a lot. I'm a stay at home mom with two kids (5 and almost 2) and a dream of going into nursing. Anyone else in kinda the same boat? I'm wondering if I can even pass my pre-req's...I've taken some sample tests online for algebra (bombed!) and bio (not too bad). I'd hate to put my family through all the sacrifices just for me to become totally overwhelmed and give up. Sure I could do it if I could study for hours on end, but I have mommy and wife responsibilities.

    How do some of you do it all?
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  3. by   bluewolf9193
    i've been in your shoes and you're not a loser! just a little delayed by life, thats all.

    college is really not as scary as it seems! its your attitude and determination that will help you learn! as for those online tests, chances are you haven't cracked open an algebra book since high school, right? algebra, like anything else, will come to you once you use it (y'know the saying - if you don't use it - you'll lose it). you gotta start somewhere and most colleges offer placement tests to help you determine what type of math you need to start out with as each level of math is based on a solid foundation of the previous.

    i'll be starting the spring nursing program in jan 08. like most of my friends (who are in their 1st and 2nd semesters of the rn program) i am married, with kids, husbands that support their efforts (but not much in the household or childrearing dept) and manage to juggle it all! none of us has any previous college degrees but we do have determination and attitude. additionally, knowing that we are striving so hard to go into this field, our goal is much more valuable!

    i wish you the best! umpiron:
  4. by   deeDawntee
    I second the statement that YOU ARE NOT A PAST LOSER...

    When you look at the whole process of becoming a nurse, it can certainly seem overwhelming. But if you break it up it becomes much more doable. If I were you, I would start by going to meet with an admissions specialist at one of the community colleges in your area. Those people are experts at how to proceed and will give you lots of great information. All you have to do is call and make an appointment and they are happy to talk with you.
  5. by   SuesquatchRN
    Hey, what some call a loser, I call a woman of rich and full experience.

    Now, get on with your life, you accomplished, well-rounded person.

  6. by   lwilson22
    You are not a PAST LOSER!!!

    I agree with all that said that it is your dedication and attitude!! Start off by taking a few classes at a time and see how that works. Your past does not have to be a prediction of your future if you change your ways...Good luck to you!!
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  7. by   LMRN10
    I guess if that is what is considered a past loser, you can count me in!!!! But I agree...we really are not losers...we were just young!!

    Ok, this should give you an idea of whether or not you can do it...

    I began my pre-req's in Summer 2004 (at the age of 27, almost 28), got pregnant December 2004 (whoops) and had my daughter in September 2005 (while still taking classes). I continued classes, took a semester off, returned and finished my pre-req's in the Spring '07 semester. I didn't get accepted for Fall '07 clinicals, but I got my letter and I am starting my Nursing Classes in Spring '08!!!

    So, to answer you question, I as a wife and mother (and I work full-time out of the house) can tell you with all honesty that YES, you CAN do it!!! I wasn't very smart in high-school (at least I didn't think I was), but it is a completely different ball-game now!

    And as far as bombing the online tests for Algebra...that's why you take the class so they can teach it to you again!! And you'll probably grasp it much better now!!! I used to pass with D's in high-school, but my College Algebra class, I got an A (actually, with extra credit had over 100% in the class).

    YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

    Good luck!!!

  8. by   BeachPrincess
    I partied hard all through high school as well. Barely, and I mean barely graduated. Turned 18 and worked until I started pre reqs for nursing school in summer 2005. Made good grades and applied to several schools. I did not get in last semster but got in for next semster.

    You are not a loser. You know what needs to be done now and can achieve it. Enroll in classes and get started on your career. You can do it!! We are all here to help you.
  9. by   SwampCat
    Thanks everyone for your input! It's going to be quite a challenge, but I don't want to coast through life taking the easy way out (which I've done for yrs now). I'm also concerned that my relationship with my kids will suffer. By the time I get into nursing school my son will be in 1st grade and my daughter will be in 5th. I hope that going to school and doing clinicals and probably working, too, won't cause too much of a strain. Especially with my daughter when she'll be headed into her teen yrs....:uhoh21:

    Thanks again everyone!
  10. by   deeDawntee
    What a corageous thread and inspiring stand you are taking on your life. The best thing you can possibly do for your kids is to set that kind of example for them! You are now officially my hero. You will be an awesome nurse. It took me many years to finally reach my nursing dream, as well, but it goes fast and it is sooooo worth it. Go for it and you will never regret it.

    You can do it!!!
  11. by   intuition
    I have been in ur shoes before. I have a 2 1/2 yr old and a 9 month old. I had started in 2003 taking my pre reqs. I ended up pregnant and had to stop taking classes in fall of 2004 because of hyperemesis. I was mad because I could have started clinicals the next semester but I couldn't due to having my 1st. So my husband and I decided to have our 2nd one as soon as we could and then I would finish up school after that. So here I am now in A&P1 and will be starting Nursing classes in January. Don't get me wrong I had a horrible time deciding whether or not to come back due to how young my youngest is. But I figure it is better to get it done now then keep putting off and maybe never go at all. Oh and I also work full time in an ER. So you can do it, but you need that drive, ecspecially during those times when it gets tough. You need to remember ur doing this for your kids and your own dreams. Oh, and by the way I was a terrible student in highschool, and goofed off. Now I carry a 3.6 GPA. It is because this is something I WANT and am not FORCED to do.
  12. by   Anne36
    Hi I feel a lot like you do starting school again after 18 years. I am taking my first class right now, its a basic math at community college. Next semester I will take a pre-algebra and then algebra hopefully next summer. I'm 36 with 4 kids and husband that works a lot so I'm mostly on my own. I was looking around in here all last spring and worked up my courage to take a placement test for math and english. I did do better than I thought. The biggest challenge is finding time to study since my house is always busy with the kids. Good luck to you.
  13. by   JenRN30
    Hey Swampcat!

    I was the same way in high school, and in the beginning of college. I actually failed out of school. I took some time off, got my head straight, retook classes and was just accepted to Georgia State university for Spring!! I'm also a wife and mother.
    My advice would be to start from the beginning. I had to take high school level math, because I never went to class in high school! I started at the beginning, and everything else made sense. I made sure I was at school EVERY DAY, and always did the reading and homework. It's extremely hard with kids and other responsibilities, but you can do it!!! Start off taking some classes, and see what happens. You'll figure out if you're able to handle it or not. Good luck to you!!!
  14. by   xNursePinkx2b
    Heck, I had a 1.8 GPA in high school, now I'm making A's and B's in my pre-reqs and starting an LPN program in January. I'm married, have 2 kids ages 20 months and 6 months. YOU CAN DO IT!!!