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Anyone else taking Chem and Anatomy together this fall? I'm ready to hammer the science pre-req's out this year, so I'll only be taking those two classes and then then just Physiology and Micro in... Read More

  1. by   Brighten
    I just did anatomy and intro to organic chem and nutrition for the spring 09 semester. I didn't really study for o-chem or nutrition- both classes were super easy. anatomy took alot of my time but it wasn't that bad either. very do-able.
  2. by   2ndLife
    I'm taking A&P 1, A&P2, nutrition and life development this Fall...and working full-time...and I'm a single parent. I'm Kah-razy!! Actually, the nutrition and life development courses are online. And the only child remaining at home is 17, so he can take care of himself (and he better if he knows what's good for him).

    I'm done with Chem and Micro - many years ago. Luckily, none of the schools I'm applying to require Organic.
  3. by   Truth14
    I took anatomy and chem together for two semesters my sophomore year. It's challenging but not impossible. My best advice is study early and often, even on non-test weeks. This way you stay far ahead and when things get a little hectic or tests start overlapping, you will be able to maintain sanity.
  4. by   NurseKitten
    Organic is SO useful when learning pharmacology. For instance, you totally get why phenylephrine crosses the blood-brain barrier and acts on the CNS, but epinephrine doesn't unless you're giving mega-high doses. Has to do with the number of -OH (alcohol) groups on the for Epi, two for phenyl.

    And the length of the side chain is what imparts catecholamines their structure and action on beta-receptors...

    All KINDS of useful info. Make sure your professor knows you're pre-nursing, and ask them how what you're learning applies to your A&P studies.

    Good luck. Organic isn't easy, but I'm beyond glad I took it.
  5. by   SoCaliGirl
    So for those who have already taken sciences together do you think it can be beneficial as opposed to just completely detrimental like some teachers think?
  6. by   2ndLife
    If you feel comfortable with the sciences, taking them together can be beneficial because they often complement one another and reinforce what you're studying. For example, studying sodium transport across the cell membrane in Physiology and bonding in Chemistry.
  7. by   SoCaliGirl
    Well, I got the chemistry class but not anatomy. They were full within hours and there are only two of them.

    Someone tell me that I won't go crazy if it takes two years for pre-req's instead of one!
  8. by   ChicagoICU_RN
    Quote from SoCaliGirl
    Well, I got the chemistry class but not anatomy. They were full within hours and there are only two of them.

    Someone tell me that I won't go crazy if it takes two years for pre-req's instead of one!

    Im sorry that u didnt get in the a&P class...what i recommend doing is check everyday to see if someone drops (people are usually dropped if they dont make payment by the purge date)

    Also I am taking both chem and A&P in the summer...all I can say is if I can do it in a condensed 6 weeks im positive you can during the normal semester...i am pretty burned out though

    good luck!
  9. by   mlo4567
    I signed up for Biology & Chemistry. I got Chemistry & US National Government.
    I will also be taking Freshman Inquiry, College 101(both are writing classes).
    So it looks like I will be taking Zoololy & Botany in the spring.
    I still havn't decided which Fine Arts class I'll be taking. I'm not the artistic one in this house. Maybe I'll take Ceramics. Using the pottery wheel sounds kinda fun.
    Then over the summer I'll take my nutrition class online.
    I know it's going to be a lot of hard work, but I can't wait. I'm so excited!
  10. by   AccelCNL
    Good Luck!!!!
  11. by   AccelCNL
    Good luck
  12. by   wifey08
    Quote from caribgal
    I am taking AP2 and Organic Chem as well. I think I am going to get the Org. Chem for Dummies book. The A&P for Dummies book was great and helped me understand some of the topics that the professor covered very quickly.
    Diddo on the AP2 and Chem 101

    The A&P for Dummies has helped me so much!
  13. by   NurseKitten
    Organic for Dummies is a wonderful book, and anything in the Lippincott Review series is good, as well. The Biochemistry book from them saved my life!

    I second the suggestion for trying to add it during drop/add. Make friends with the secretary in the science department - they can look out for you, and maybe help you with an instructor override, if nothing else.

    Is there another local school you can go take it through? We have 2 state universities here, plus a community college, and for fundamentals classes like A&P, if one place doesn't have it, it's a safe bet one of the others will let you come take it as a special student.