Admission requirements BSN 2nd degree

  1. Hello!

    So I have decided to start applying to nursing programs. I currently have a degree in history and have a 3.0 gpa from undergrad.

    I took virtually no science or physiology classes while in undergrad. I know many accelerated BSN programs allow people to apply while their pre-reqs but wanted to know with my GPA if anybody would advise to take the pre-reqs and then start applying.

    Wondering if my chances to get into a better program would be better that way.

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   INN_777
    Since I just went through this process and did not have any prerequisites from prior degrees (mine was business, so I only waived Statistics and Research), I felt that, although my GPA was higher for prior degrees, my application was still theoretical to the schools until I started taking prerequisites. As soon as I got them a couple prerequisites with excellent grades they started taking me seriously. That was just my experience. Also, I think if you get really good results in your prereqs that will trump your undergrad GPA.
  4. by   maddiem
    I would definitely take your prerequisites, or at least a good portion of them, before applying to the program. It will give your application much more credibility. The biggest piece of advice I can give you about applying to nursing schools is to never go with the "minimum requirements". These minimum requirements that they set are to weed out people who truly aren't qualified to apply to nursing school. But at the same time, you don't want to be be right along the lines of the minimum requirements because there are too many people who far surpassed it. So while a 3.0 GPA is not bad, it's not competitive for a nursing school application. So my advice to you is to take your prerequisites, do really well, and them apply. Good luck!
  5. by   HammockBound
    I haven't seen any that you apply then take your prereq. classes. Are those private colleges? I guess it is different in other places...but here you take all your pre req. first then you apply. So you would just add in whatever they require prior to applying. Ive been looking at mainly public and some private but not the small private colleges...mainly larger ones like University of Miami or Nova.

    Classes would be like Psych, sociology, nutrition, human growth and development, a&p1 & 2 with lab, micro with lab, chemistry with lab, college alg. and english.
  6. by   INN_777
    In our area (Northeast) many schools have a huge lead time for applications, for example applications are due 9-12 months prior to program start, so many apply still with prereqiusites outstanding. The schools will not usually make a decision, however, until all your prerequisites are in (except maybe 1 or 2 still in progress).
  7. by   Margotrita
    I am in the process of completing prereq's. The school to which I am applying, requires applications to be submitted 8 months in advance, so they look at it as a contingency that your prereg's are completed by the starting date of the program.

    I looked at several schools in my area and the prereq's varied a little bit regarding which classes and how recent certain classes had to be completed. Make sure you know the requirements for the programs/schools you are considering.
  8. by   INN_777
    Yes, I agree, try to go to info sessions at the schools you are targeting. They will explain the process, you will get to ask questions and learn from questions of others.
  9. by   adjappleton
    It will make you application much stronger having the science prereqs (in particular) already completed. I have applied to 2 programs and having all A's in the sciences made my History & Econ BA (3.3 GPA) good enough. Got into one (declined b/c of $$) and had to decline the other as I got pregnant
  10. by   windsurfer8
    I did an ABSN in 2005. Many different schools have different requirements. The ones that are pretty much standard are AP I and II. Chemistry. Statistics. Human growth and Development. I would say start knocking those out and then start looking at the requirements at the schools you will be applying to. They all vary.
  11. by   francisMoro
    Thanks for the useful info everyone! With those who took pre-reqs prior to application, did you take them at a community college? That is most likely to be my course of action for financial reasons but was wondering if good performance in pre-reqs from a community college will help you stand out on a nursing school application.
  12. by   INN_777
    I took my prereqs at a community college. That community college, however, has one of the strongest nursing programs of its own, so other schools know it. But even if that was not the case, all programs I applied to had community college equivalent courses outlined next to their required courses, so I think they are clear that most will be taking prerequisites there.
  13. by   CDEWannaBe
    Definitely start taking your classes. Not only will it show you're serious, but once you take Anatomy & Physiology and Microbiology you'll quickly see if you're pursuing the right degree.

    I had a 2.86 from my previous non-healthcare BA and have taken my prereqs at a community college, getting a 4.0 (it's amazing how much better I've done as an older student).

    The ABSN program I've applied to gives the most weight to science prereqs and to your last 60 hours of coursework, in which I have a 4.0. The academic advisor said I have an very good chance of being accepted. We'll see in about a month if that's correct!
  14. by   Guy in Babyland
    My program requires all pre-reqs to be done by December before classes start in May.