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Pre-Nursing Student


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I'm a 34 year old mother of 1. I have worked as a veterinary technician for the past 9 1/2 years. I am currently in the process of getting classes out of the way with plans to apply for nursing school in March 2015. I wanted to just say hi to everyone.

Hey! I am 32 and just finished prereqs. I hope to start nursing school Jan. 2015. Good luck to you!


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Hey! Welcome! I'm 36 and working or prereqs now... I will be done with them in the spring! good luck!:)

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Awesome...best of luck!

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:welcome: I just recently graduated. The path you're embarking on is a tough one, but it's very doable. I also joined here just before I was selected for nursing school. One thing about this site is that many of the members here will tell you what you need to hear and not what you want to hear. We won't spoon fed you things but we'll usually be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

Nursing school is very competitive to get into. Depending upon the exact process the programs you intend to apply to run their selection process, it could mean you don't get in the first time. Or the second... or perhaps like even in my case, not for 8 consecutive semesters. While it's nice to get into the first time, don't expect it because you might not get it.

Look at the job market now and see what your local hospitals are hiring preferentially. Do this now if you haven't already. Then once you're ready to apply, apply to every program you're qualified to attend that you can afford. It does you no good to get a degree, pass the NCLEX, get licensed, and be effectively unable to make the loan payments...

Hi - I'm new here, too. I'm 51 and am applying for both LVN and RN programs for Spring 2015 at my school. I should know something by mid-September. My daughter is a veterinary technician and likes it, but sometimes thinks about nursing, too. Best of luck to you! Everyone here is really nice and I have read some really great advice.

I'm 33 with 1 kid too. Just got accepted into my program after waiting for almost 2 years to get in. My advice, get the best grades you can without any withdraws on your transcript, or any F's or repeats. The cleaner the transcript the better, and get the best possible score on your nursing entrance exam. I took the TEAS V. My school only took the first attempt score, so make sure you know all the things required to whatever school your applying to, because it is painfully competitive. Good luck, and you can do it. Put the hours into studying for your pre reqs and you will get good grades. :yes:


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:cat: Thanks for all the advice!!!

Hi there - you're going to love it here....so much information and support!

I'm a 33 yr old mom of 3 and I just got accepted into nursing school for this coming fall semester (on my first try...it can happen :up:)

You're biggest opponent is yourself - stay focused, motivated, and confident....you CAN do it!

Best of luck!

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I am a 38 year old single mom of one. Started my prereqs last fall and am starting the program in August. I am having a great time. Make sure you do well in your prereqs.

Hello Everyone, I am also finishing up my last few pre reqs towards nursing in GA. Hopefully I can apply by next summer. I am 30 years old, mother of two boys 2 and 10 years old, and fiance to my biggest supporter. I am a little nervous about finishing because I hadnt been in school for the last few years. But im so motivated and I want this like we need air and water.lol Im so happy to have found this forum for information, support, and guidance. Nice to meet you all!