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  1. Mrs2016

    My tips for passing NCLEX-RN

    For those who solely used Uworld, how many questions did you answer in one sitting, and per day? What percentage should you have using Uworld is most likely to pass NCLEX?
  2. Mrs2016

    uworld percentages?

    I know this thread started a year ago, but any one who used Uworld and found it helpful, how many questions did you answer in one sitting and per day?
  3. Hey everyone!!! Anyone accepted into the ADN program at SWC fall 2014??
  4. Mrs2016

    Advice for First Semester Nursing Students

    Thanks for the useful advice. I'm so nervous to start my RN program.
  5. Does anyone know Kaplan's LVN policy as far as what is the minimum grade needed to pass on to the next term? Do you need to pass with a 70%, 80%, ect? I really need to know, the advisor I talked with didn't know. Looking into the San Diego program.
  6. Mrs2016

    Kaplan College RN program San Diego Help!!

    Thank you for the info. I've already waited out 1 year after being denied a seat in any RN program, so swallowing a 57k debt looks more appealing now.
  7. I'm thinking of applying to this program; however, the following statement from their website worries me as far as getting a job with an ADN degree from them: The Associate of Science in Nursing program is approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing. This program is not accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC). Graduates of the program are eligible to sit for the National Council Licensure Examination - Registered Nurse in California, however. A degree program that is unaccredited is not recognized for some employment positions, including, but not limited to, positions with the State of California. They are: Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) I don't want to get into debt of 57K+ to sit on a degree that no employer wants to hire me over. Has any fellow kaplan graduates have had any problems? What is your insight that they are not NLNAC accredited? Thank you for taking the time to answer
  8. I wanted to know if you got accepted into nursing school with a score less than 78, which school was that? About how many total points did you think you accumulated on your application ie: pre req gpa, teas score, other gpa, degree....Thanks
  9. Mrs2016

    How many hours did you study?

    I want to know from all those who passed, how many hours a day did you study and for how long before you took the test? ThanksOh did you use any other study tools besides the ati teas manual.
  10. Mrs2016

    I took TEAS and got such a low score 44%.....

    I can't offer you any useful advice, but only my sympathy. I just finished taking the teas online PRACTICE exam A tonight, and scored a 59.3%, so I feel screwed right now........ I hope you find a way to kick this test in the @$$!! cheers :cheers:
  11. Mrs2016

    Honest opinions

    I studied on and off for 3 months the TEAS V manual, and read it once cover to cover. So I decided to take the online practice test A to see where I'm at, and I scored a 59.3%. I know it's awful, especially since I did read it (sporadically, not continuously). What do you think I'm doing wrong? Can I have any tips on how to better study for this test. I know I'm not dumb, I did get A's in anatomy and micro, B in physio. I do take test poorly. There were 16 questions that my instinct said one thing, I chose differently and got it wrong. I've been like that all my years as a student, so I know I add to more answered wrong by going against myself, but with that set aside, PLEASE show me how I can better prepare for the test. The things to work on based on my results was everything, I was consistent at 64% on all subjects......... sigh :uhoh21:
  12. Mrs2016

    Purchasing study material for teas v

    I purchased the TEAS study package $88 online with the actual company. It makes more sense to buy the material from the company who makes the test we will be taking.