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Hi evryone. I recently was hired at a hospital and I am dreading having to undergo a pre employment physical. Since I am not a spring chicken anymore, I am wondering what happenes if they discover some health problems? Can they legally refuse to hire me? What are the laws concerning this, and what are my rights? How much information do I have to divulge? I feel like this is going to be an invasion of my privacy. Thanks for any replies.


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Neon, l am not sure about the legal question, but, make sure you list all meds you take including herbs and vitamines.....Metabolife and other like herbs cause a pos reaction to drug screens for amphetamines...if it tests pos, it is sent off to a lab where it will test neg...but let them know up front...good luck....LR

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I don't know about the laws but during one of my pre physicals I was diagnosed with HTN. I got on meds and am fine now. Glad they found it.....



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In my past experience,,, & now as the person who does the pre employement physical,,, as much as I can until facility's medical director sees employee,,,,

The physical's are pretty much standard,,, and in renerian case alerted her to her HTN~

I don't think anything other than positive drug test,,, would effect your job hiring,,,,

As I.rae said,,, list all medications,,,, supplements,, and be truthfull on the assessment,,,, being upfront,,, shows you have nothing to hide,,,, and if they think you have ,,, That will effect your job status,,,,,

Relax,,,, have the physical done,,,, You will be fine

Thought & prayers with you



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I get my gyn to sign the physician's statment every year. This has been accepted everywhere I have ever worked. I suppose a regular physical could help detect a problem... but for now this works for me


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I am starting a part time job in the lab at the hospital...I have never been employed at the hospital. I was told that i must have a physical before I start...then I was told that the cost would be deducted from my next two this normal? Is it b/c I will be part time? I can't imagine paying for my own physical that is requested by the employer. Strange...I am looking into it.


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That reminds me... I took one of my brother's propoxyphine pills on Sunday for a splitting headache. That isn't going to show up is it?


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According to the following site, Propoxyphene can be detected up to 1-3 days after consumption.

Good luck!


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Dang I didn't know such a site existed. The wonders of modern technology!

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I have never heard of an employer charging a new employee for a REQUIRED physical, but I guess nothing should surprise me any more. If you have any lawyer friends, you might want to ask if this is legal. You might also want to inquire about having the physical done by a practitioner of YOUR choice, if you are going to have to pay for the darn thing. Are you sure there's no where else you'd rather work?


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I too have never heard of employer charging for mandatory physical! I would definitly check that out!

We allow & other jobs I've had as well,,, the employee to go to thier own pcp,,,, and have physical form filled out,,,,, employees choice,,, we do @ no charge,,, or they have it done by someone else,,,,,,

Just my opinion but I would never pay for employement physical



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Pre-employment physicals are considered just as confidential as any other physical. Whatever is found (and hopefully nothing will be) can not be held against you as far as employment goes (Drug testing is another matter. If that is included you should disclose any and all drugs you are taking...if you don't have a script for a "controlled substance" you could be in trouble). However, if something is found (elevated BP is a good example) that can hold up you employment as most pre-employment offices will require you to go to your own MD (at your expense) for clearance. If you are cleared by your own MD, you should have no problem starting the job.

As for charging an applicant for a required physical....what state do you live in?...that's against the law in Calif. I suggest you check with your state gov't employment division.

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