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For those of you who pray...

Will you please pray for me? This upcoming Wednesday is my 2nd attempt at the NCLEX. I have found a job that I really love but if I am unable to pass this time around, I won't be able to stay. My hubby and I are already having financial problems as a result of my not passing the NCLEX the first time around. He's a student and can't work so our monthly income depends upon what I can get.

Please pray that the test shuts off at 75 questions and that God may give me the grace to deal with whatever the outcome may be. The first time I took the test, when the test didn't shut off at 75 questions my anxiety rose with every question I took. I have prepared myself to take all questions this time around (I just hope I don't have to!).


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Keep your head up!! You WILL pass it this time. I will pray for you!!! Good luck!

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Don't sabotage yourself, you can do this. This is what you have prepared for. Think positive and stay calm.

You made it through nursing school and if you can make it through that, you can make it through this. Remember, the most difficult part is over with, which was the clinical. Good Luck. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


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I take mine Wednesday as well. I will definitely pray for you but I also want to give you a little thought. Don't take all the stresses that come with passing this test in there with you. :nono:If you do that, you will not pass. Leave all those problems at the door before you walk into the test center and try to keep your head as clear as possible. May God be with you and all the rest of us. :D


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I will definitely pray for you! :o)


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*Sorry that wasn't suppose to be a sad face LOL it was suppose to be this::)


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Good Luck! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers....I agree with one of the above posters TRY not to spend too much time focusing on all the things that can go wrong and who you think you will be letting down and just focus on what each question is asking you. I will pray for God to give you peace and that he will help you to recall the information you need to be successful on this exam. Good Luck and God Bless!!


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You can do it! Stay positive and take a nice deep breath between each question. This piece of advice may sound really stupid but when sitting down to take the test pretend that you're having fun!! I did this along with breathing and passed with 75! You can do it!


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Thank you all for praying for me. Today is the day before my exam!!


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You will pass! Positive vibes coming your way. I too have failed my exam the first time and will be retaking it on Aug. 24. I need all the prayers I could get.

I need to really start studying... I'm having trouble starting and knowing where to start. I've been doing questions using Saunders... but not much.

How did you prepare/study for this time around? Let me know...and best of luck to you will rock it! :)


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Good luck!! I'm in the same boat your in. I failed my first time, and my job is really working with me to get me through this. If I fail again I don't know what I will do. My husband and I go mainly off my income as well. I retake for my second time on Aug 14. I will pray for you. Let me know how it goes!

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You can do this!!!!

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