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Alright, so I need everyone's help. My friends played a really mean joke on me by calling me and pretending her husband (someone I go to school with) beat her and she wanted a divorce and was calling the cops. They took it way too far and used their acting skills to make him yell at her for telling me and pretending to hit her even more (this was all over the phone). I was shaking by the end of the conversation.. So, I wanna play a joke on the both of them that's got them really wigged out, but I'm not sure what. That's where I need your help. I was thinking of calling him and asking if he had any signs of HIV because someone he's been sexually active with is positive for it and we're screening everyone she's been with. What do you think?

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honestly, this is a bad idea when it comes to utilizing such a dreadful disease as a joke it could backfire in some many ways it's not funny. having said that, a patient mine many years ago when i worked at the infection diseases clinic was known for being a prankster, long story short his then girlfriend send him an e-mail with the bad news of having hiv. at this level, my patient took her seriously and before she could explain that it was a joke he took her life with a 42 caliber pistol and then took his own. needless to say, no one was laughing once all details were gathered. therefore, i would suggest another form of prank to play on your friends....aloha~

I don't even know that I would try to come back with a prank. Instead, why don't you just invite everyone out for a good time, maybe dinner or something. If they feel guilty, then that is on them.

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This is personal --- I don't think 'tit for tat' is productive. HIV is not humorous. And the domestic abuse prank was not either.

Just as you "were shaking" by a prank in questionable taste, why would you want to do something just as potentially damaging (see Gitano's post)? Try something else. :twocents:

They thought that was funny and a 'joke'? What's wrong with those people? And you think it would be equally as 'funny' to call and give someone HIV news as a 'joke' to get them back? Really??

I think you should find new friends and not waste your time dragging yourselves down to their level of "humour".

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Domestic abuse ans HIV are 2 things that are totally not humorous. They played a stupid "joke" on you, don't lower yourself to that level.

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