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I know you all have heard this request before, but I am looking for a PPS/medicare daily tracking form. I used to work where we had one that updated days used when the date was changed at the top of the page. The cells had formulas in them that calculated. The one that I am using now at my new job has to be updated manually everyday. We run 24-28 medicare per day usually, with admissions and discharges everyday. Updating this one manually is time consuming, confusing, and leaves a lot of room for error. Does anyone have a template for something that will calculate days for you?


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If you send me a private message with your email address, I can send you an Excel program that does everything you need.

I also need one of those! I've just been promoted at work and the other MDS coordinator that trained me left without emailing me her 100-day tracker.. haha! If I could get one PMed to me, that would be awesome. Thanks!!:redbeathe


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Could you send me one as well please! :) phxrzr @yahoo.com


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I would like one as well, if possible... djbatch@live.com thank you


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I have one if you need it. I do not know how to attach it here though.


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I would like the Excel spreadsheet as well. Maybe the Administrative help desk can tell you how to post it, or you could send it to them and they could post it. With all of the changes happening in October we have decided to start a morning medicare meeting. I have been charged with developing/finding a form that would work.



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I have a copy of the PPS Scheduling Calculator that CapeCodMermaid sent to me. It was originally designed for MDS 2.0 but works for current MDS 3.0. This week I am updating the PPS Scheduling Calculator for MDS 3.0 Oct 2011 since the new PPS rules change the schedule. An additional goal is to add a tracking mechanism for the Change of Therapy assessment since it must be evaluated 7 days after any completed PPS assessment - the optional CoT feature would require that the electronic document be updated regularly (instead of printing and maintaining on paper). I'll let you know when the completed version is available.

I looked for quite some time online before finding the new 100 day PPS tracking forms. I found the the reason I has such a hard time locating it was because we were searching for the wrong title! Do a google search for MDS calendar and you will find several variations to choose from. However I have yet to see one that includes COT feature that andy3k mentioned. If you come up with a good solution then send me a copy too! cmaddox@good-sam.org

andy3k, please keep us posted on the COT feature and thanks cmaddox for giving some input on locating one! Have a great day everyone! Danielle:D