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I would love to have your PPS tracking form as well. My email is tulsanurse@gmail.com

Thank you for sharing!


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Andy3k: Let me know if there is a charge for this. There should be!

ST (skeifer@aol.com) Thanks


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A seafood dinner would be nice. :p Just kidding.


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Would you please consider posting the pages you created so they can be printed and completed manually until the lawyers are done with the verbiage for the actual program. It would be great not to have to change forms :) Thanks for all of your hard work!


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Attached to this post is the MDS 3.0 PPS Assessment Calculator 1.0.

I will collect all the emails I see in this post to date and email it directly. Due to time, and the availability of the calculator in this post, I will not email to anyone who posts an email address from now on.

If you discover any bugs in the calculator, or have recommendations for improvement, then please feel free to let me know.

Thank you for your patience.



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I just set up my first patient on this form and it is a dream so far! Thank you SO much! :yeah::bow::yelclap:


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Gosh, i just never got to post my email too as i have been hoping

to also get the pps calculator, i was just waiting until you were done, i

wish i could rewind time but i can't. I would really appreciate it if you

could email me too, i am the only MDS Coordinator at my facility and

this would be so helpfull. I am so sorry for having to put u in this

position.. :(


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As a reminder, the PPS assessment calculator is attached to Post 29 and you can download it from there. You do not need me to email it to you.


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i would love a copy of any tracking froms. i have ideas of how i would modify the old one.. but i cant find a copy of it anywhere.