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  1. crazyforthis

    Penalties for late Assessments?

    Hello. So glad I have found this forum! I am an Extreme newbie to anything related to MDS. Still wondering what I have gotten myself into. I am scheduled to take an MDS Bootcamp in May 2011 but in the meantime have many questions. So far I understand the ards but am confused by the completion date on the assessments. At the SNF I work at there are several patients records that are quite late as far as all MDS goes. I worked on a couple this past week where the admit assessment was due in February but had not been done along with all the following assessments! What are the penalties for having such late assessments? Do I still put the competion date as say March 7th if the ard is March 1st? Am I hurting myself (license/reputation) by even working on these late records? The current MDS person is leaving in a couple months and then it will be just myself. We are licensed for 46 beds with 3 of those being Hospice beds and we are not Medicaid certified. On average we run about 40 beds occupied at any given time with some patients being there for months (long after their Medicare days have run out) and some going back and forth the the hospital a couple times and again being readmitted to the SNF. It is overwhelming how much paperwork their is! The DON is new also about 4 or 5 months ago and is also taking the MDS bootcamp. The MDS people are the only ones who enter anything into our MDS app and it is not integrated with the electronic charting the nurses and CNAs use. I am still getting a handle on all of it, as I am new also to the electronic charting we use. I know I am in over my head but am quite determined to learn and figure it all out and becoming proficient with it
  2. crazyforthis

    MDS 3.0 & RAP---new CMS guideline on printing MDS's

    Thank you rukiddingme! This makes much more sense now. And gives me new thoughts to discuss with my DON!
  3. crazyforthis

    Who is your software vendor for 3.0?

    We use VistaKEANE, not sure what I think of it yet as am new to MDS and have never used any other application for it :)
  4. crazyforthis

    MDS 3.0 & RAP---new CMS guideline on printing MDS's

    Hello, I am brand NEW to MDS and to the skilled nursing facility I am now employed at. I have been an RN for many years but always in acute care and more recently in telephonic disease management, until now. I will be taking an MDS bootcamp training in May 2011 but for now am being trained by the current MDS person who is retiring in June 2011. She has been doing MDS for 3 years and is very difficult to learn from as she has a hard time explaining anything. Her answer is frequently 'because that is the way they did it when I came'. Not trying to diss her, she was the one there for all the 2.0 to 3.0 transitions I have heard about and I can't imagine what a nightmare that was. I do have some questions though... It is a 49 bed SNF, Medicare only (not Medicaid certified) and she is the only MDS person there and is way behind on alot of the assessments etc. I can understand why! I am confused about a couple things she has not been able to explain as yet. 1. Is it required to keep printed (hard copies) of every MDS entry, assessment, modification discharge etc on the patients hard copy record? We have mostly electronic patient records currently but also have a hard copy record for a few things not (yet) managed in the electronic record. We use VisatKeane for our MDS application which is seperate from the electronic patient record. When we complete an assessment for instance a 14 day, we can still view it in our MDS app even after it has been submitted to CMS, but we also print the entire assessment and then also copy the section A and Z additionally. We have original signatures from different modalities i.e. PT/OT/ST/RT/SW etc. We attach the original signature sheet to the extra copy of section A and this is kept in the MDS office. The full printed assessment and a copy of the original signature section Z is put on the patients hard copy record at the nurses station. This is done for every MDS entry we do. When the patient discharges we add the discharge assessment to it and it all goes to med records. When we submit our completed assessments to CMS we download the batch file to a CD which is also kept (forever?). The DON has asked if we are required by CMS/State anyone to make all the copies and keep them all. The retiring MDS person there says yes because we have to have a paper copy available in case the computer 'goes down'. My thought is that these MDS files are saved on a disk and the application we use is on several computers and if the computers all go down they will be back up eventually and we will still be able to access the MDS files completed there when the computer does come back up, right? I just do not understand why all the paper? Being so new to MDS the answer may be an obvious YES but I would like to hear from anyone and everyone else about this... seriously do we need all these paper copies? Thank you all so much!