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brashy has 8 years experience and specializes in MDS.

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  1. brashy

    ALEKS Help

    So, does Excelsior still accept ALEKS for the math requirement? If so, what is the easiest ALEKS course to take that will satisfy the math requirement ?
  2. brashy

    passed health safety

  3. brashy

    Passed CPNE at Grady on 05/04/2012!!

    Thank you. Congrats!
  4. brashy

    Found the Blank Grid, download here :)

    Thank you!
  5. brashy

    Now committed.

    I'm with ya! Enrollment faxed 7/6....Here we go!
  6. brashy

    RE: Offering my CPNE study docs, check attachments

    Thank you!!!
  7. brashy

    Edukan: Anatomy and Physiology II

    ybstressed.....How was the class? I'm thinking of taking it here. Was your instructor good? Thanks
  8. brashy

    Free Electives/Arts and Sciences

  9. I need a 2.0 hr free elective Arts/Sciences course towards my ADN. Can anyone recommend an easy online course to get this. Not sure what qualifies? Thanks
  10. brashy

    Leaving Excelsior program

    Good luck Grape. You do seem a little overwhelmed. I wish you the best.
  11. brashy

    Canadian Transcripts

  12. brashy

    Canadian Transcripts

    Thanks Beachy. I will call if I don't get a response from them via email. I'm asking for my wife who went to a hospital based diploma RN program. Hopefully they take the credits she earned. She's been an RN in the U.S. for 15 years.
  13. brashy

    Canadian Transcripts

    Hello. I have a question for anyone educated outside the U.S. regarding admission to excelsior college. If one were educated at a hospital diploma RN program in Canada, does Excelsior accept those credits earned in that program? ie: incorporated a&p, micro, etc. Also, credits for gen. Ed. courses taken at a university there? Hoping someone may have experienced something similar and post their experiences. I have also emailed Excelsior directly (nothing back yet). Thanks
  14. brashy

    allnurses.com iPhone app is here!

    Same here. Red number 1.
  15. brashy

    Passed in Albany this weekend!

  16. brashy

    Ipad or Macbook???

    Ipad for sure. No need for two laptops.