Post PEG tube removal dressing


Hello everyone,

I work in a facility where most of the personnel is new, including myself.

We had to do today a dressing on a abdominal wound post peg tube removal. The order said " apply dressing " and nothing more. Now, every nurse had some idea; wet-to dry, just dry gauze with tegaderm, Ca-alginate with foam dressing on the top. The wound was not infected, there was no drainage, and granulation was minimal.

What is the best dressing to apply over such wound?

Thank you


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Gauze and paper pore tape should be sufficient.


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I would think if the MD had wanted something more "dressy" for the dressing, the order would have been written with more specific details.

The stomal opening should be closed, yes? So a simple drsg.


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Based on the description I would think gauze and tape would do but I would clarify with the doctor on what they want.

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is there any exudate?

If yes I would go for something like atrauman, gauze and mefix.

If not, something like gauze and mefix. I'm not a fan of paper tapes I find they dont stick all that well

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Steristrips with a piece of gauze and tape over it.

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A 2 x 2 drain sponge with a piece of tape, changed daily, ought to suffice.

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What is the best dressing to apply over such wound?
If the physician wanted something above and beyond a simple dry dressing, he/she would have either indicated the type of dressing or ordered a wound care consult.

Most post-PEG removal dressings are simple dry ones such as gauze in the 2x2 or 4x4 size range. In addition, nonadhesive dressings such as Telfa also suffice. There's no need to overthink this one. However, call the physician whenever in doubt.

Good luck to you!