a pleasant day to all... i'm just new here and wondering if any one could help me. i'm currently pursuing my m.a. degree and now working on my thesis proposal. can any one help me refine my... Read More

  1. by   GoddessRaine
    Quote from augigi
    If I were you, I would:

    1. Think of a topic that interests me.
    2. Do a literature search to see how many relevant resources are available
    3. Go to my advisor with a new subject (as soon as possible) and explain why it is a better choice for me.

    Ok ok.. so I decide to pursue the topic... It challenges me plus the fact of its newness i plan to conduct a feasibility study on it (but im on time constraints here).

    I posted a related thread in a different forum:

    Maybe, if you have time you could look into it?

  2. by   augigi
    To be honest, I have enough of my own work to do You don't need me to approve your topic.

    Why not call CHED and ask for a copy of the proposal? Where did you hear about the proposal - can you get a copy of it there?
  3. by   bookwormom
    I think your topic is quite interesting. To really pursue it you will have to make an argument for both sides of the proposal. So, here's some argument for making it 5 years:

    At least one ADN program in the US could go to 3 years (I think there is a thread on Allnurses about this). BSN programs (at least for my students) often take 5-6 years.

    I think the BSN program was originally seen as being broader than the Diploma (regardless of one's actual opinion on this). The ADN was a post WW2 response to the need for nurses (Mildred Montag). I don't think the original ADN nurse was expected to work in exactly the same role as the diploma or BSN nurse. (Not a comment on the current competencies of any nurse!!!)

    Seems to me, a 5 year program might be a more honest offering for students, a chance to increase clinical time, offer more essential sciences (I'd like extra pharmacology), and maybe offer some courses that could be applied to a Masters Degree.

    A co-op program might be a possibility-- classroom/clinical time interspersed with paid employment. That would address the problem of increased expense, and enrich clinical competency-- might make a more proficient new grad. I think some US schools have this.

    Good luck.
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  4. by   yarr0w
    Good luck on your topic -- here's a link to the CHED amendment.
  5. by   JenniferMPH
    hi there,
    to be clear, are you working on your proposed topic or your proposed title?

    if the answer is 'title', i would make several changes. first, you need to reference the fact that this study is philipines-specific. if you're talking about a government entity, it should be clear which gov't we're talking about. second, you should not use abbreviations in the title for similar reasons - not everyone knows about the ched. so, either drop ched or spell it out. additionally, i agree with the other poster that said to get rid of 'pros and cons'. it is implied in 'feasibility'. also, i would make the title more formal, and i would explain more clearly the goal of your analysis. for example: "the filipino nursing technical board's proposed five-year nursing curriculum: political feasibility (or cost-benefit analysis /or implications for local nursing shortages/ or expected educational benefits, etc).

    think of your analysis as a story. if you're going to use your data to examine the possibility that this extra year will cause filipino students to leave the philipines to seek shorter curricula elsewhere, then change your title to reflect that focus. make your proposed title concise, but don't shy away from a longer title if the topic warrants it.

    if your answer to my first question is 'topic', then i think only the chair of your thesis committee can answer that. are you expected to do qualitative or quantitative analysis? or both? can you get a hold of relevant data?
    how much depth is expected? i'm not sure i understand the chapter thing? is it set up in the traditional intro, methods, results, discussion, conclusion format?

    good luck!

    Quote from goddessraine
    a pleasant day to all... i'm just new here and wondering if any one could help me.

    i'm currently pursuing my m.a. degree and now working on my thesis proposal.

    can any one help me refine my thesis title??????

    title: feasibility (pros and cons) of the che nursing technical board's proposed amendment to the nursing curriculum to make it a five-year course.

    and also, could any one tell me where i can get the exact article about this? please??

  6. by   JenniferMPH
    Sorry, I just realized that this topic originated in the regional forum for the Philippines. Maybe you don't need to specify the country if you are a local.
  7. by   JBudd
    Here is a link to a website about writing a thesis.

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    This topic is over 18 months old so probably resolved by now...