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So where are the potential 2008 Columbia ETPers at? I think a handful of regulars around here have Columbia on their list of apps, so heres a thread to get us through until notifications in Spring... Read More

  1. by   anniepants
    i'm currently in the RN portion of the program. i can't say for sure exactly how many of us were accepted into acute...but i think there were around 10-12 of us that came in...perhaps a few more?...that's just a rough estimation. i'm not sure how many people are planning on going onto acute care at this point in time though. as you may have heard, many people in ETP end up changing their specialties, which is one great thing about columbia..they allow you to.

    and yes, you will be able to speak to students during the visiting day (i'll be there!).
  2. by   PsychMaven
    I'm moving to NYC!

    Congrats to everyone! It seems like most people who cared enough to post got in, thank you all so much for your advice over the past six months. I will definitely be going to visiting day and can't wait to meet some other people who are coming to Columbia. Any other psych. people out there? I' d love to meet some people in my specialty, especially considering that we seem to be the minority. Did anyone receive their financial aid statement with their acceptance letter? I know they said that they planned to send them together, but that definitely wasn't the case for me. Congratulations again, hope to see you all in NY!!!

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  3. by   smit1989
    YEAH!! I got accepted into the ETP program for the FNP specialty!! I'm so excited! My letter came this morning Congrats to everyone who also got the good news!
  4. by   Scrubs Are Cool
    Quote from Surgeon
    Well here's something I didn't expect....I applied for the nursing anesthesia program and was accepted....but not for nursing anesthesia. The letter states that I am accepted to the ETP BS/MS program but they, unfortunately, can't offer me a spot in the nursing anesthesia program. They "encourage" me to choose a different master's specialty. Don't get me wrong, I'm in no way trying to bash Columbia. I'm grateful for being accepted but I certainly find that interesting...and unexpected. :spin:
    Surgeon, I heard they did that often. Since anesthesia has so few spots available, they can only give spots to the top candidates (aka traveler2000-congrats btw). They usually make you choose another specialty.

    I could be wrong on this, so dont hold me to it....but i heard that if you do really well during the bsn portion, they might let you switch back into anesthesia if there is a spot available.

    But regardless, congratulations. I hope you are still excited to go.

    On a side note, it really seems like everyone that received their letter got in. lol. A whole bunch of nerds on this forum. Just kidding!
  5. by   Asherah
    Quote from smit1989
    YEAH!! I got accepted into the ETP program for the FNP specialty!! I'm so excited! My letter came this morning Congrats to everyone who also got the good news!
    Congrats Smit! That's a whopping 11 acceptances thus far....keep the streak running for the rest of us!
  6. by   l-styx
    Hi everyone!

    I am brand-new to this forum, I googled my way here looking for other future students. I'm glad to have found a whole bunch of you! I'm accepted for the FNP track and am so excited I'm having trouble sleeping! From what I hear I should get used to being sleep deprived I guess... Congrats to all!

    Where are people moving from? I'm in Brooklyn, I'm actually a little jealous of the excitement of moving across country and 'discovering' NYC like some of you will. ;-)

    ok, just wanted to say a quick hello and I hope to see you in March!

  7. by   darcy2473
    I want to apologize to everyone for my moment of weakness and negativity over the email debacle! I hope it didn't over worry others of you out there. It was a relief to hear from those of you that didn't get an email but were accepted!:bowingpur

    This whole process is so nervewracking! I find myself over-analyzing everything, when really there is nothing to do but wait.

    Just to give everyone a heads up, I called yesterday to verify my mailing address and they said they had just mailed my letter the day before (Wednesday), so there may be some that were sent later than others. Not welcomed news I know, but at least you may not need to worry if it doesn't come as soon as expected.

    Congratulations to everyone who has heard the news! Good luck to those of us still waiting. I'm in California and I'll post as soon as it comes! I'm sure we will all be cheering by Monday!

    Happy Friday!!!:spin:
  8. by   fnp4me
    Congrats everyone!

    Smit, when did you get your letter? Mine was headed for Houston too. That makes 2 Texans so far! :spin:
  9. by   smit1989
    I got it this morning at parents actually got it (I'm at school in Minneapolis) in Katy, they opened it for me and told me!
  10. by   fnp4me
    Sweet! I'm from across the city near Humble/Kingwood (in school at UT)

    which reminds me...where is everyone from & where did/do you go to school??
  11. by   smit1989
    University of Minnesota in Minneapolis! I grew up in Milwaukee and my parents just moved down to Houston a year I'm kinda between all 3 places
  12. by   RedHead85
    I'm in CA and I got my letter today!! Accepted for the FNP track WOOHOO. This has been a great week- 2 acceptances arrived in the mail. Good luck to all.
  13. by   Stef82
    CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who has been accepted so far!

    I'm in California also and I'm getting quite frustrated because I have not received my letter yet!! It's especially nerve wrecking since others in California have received theirs. This is torture! I just checked my mail and NOTHING!

    I called the admissions office and they told me letters were mailed out Monday or Tuesday.