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  1. Does anyone know of an online resource or book that has good pictures of OR instruments. I'm looking specifically for OB/GYN/Abdominal instruments. If I can't find anything, I'll have one of my Scrub techs open for me and I can take my own pics. I really want to get them impeded in memory for the day we are short staffed and I need to scrub or first assist (which may never happen).
  2. I work as a L&D nurse at a facility that delivers about 4,000 babies a year. As you can imagine, we have a very active unit with a strict visiting policy that causes tension time to time. All hospital visitors have to check in at the front security desk but they are "screened" ON THE UNIT by the unit secretary in terms of going into the labor room. The patient is limited to 3 support people until the baby is born. We don't have our own security desk/guard but the unit is locked. This leaves the unit secretary and RNs to field the visitors. I should mention that we only do L&D. Our nursery and postpartum (mother-baby) are on a different floor. We also allow visiting in the PACU after c-sections. What goes on at your hospital? Do you have your own unit security who deals with this? Can your patients have unlimited guests in the labor room? Do you allow visitors to switch off if there is a max? How do you account for the L&D visitors? Do they wear badges? Do your patients submit names to you of approved visitors? Thanks!
  3. byrd262

    New Grads - Share your success at getting your 1st Job

    Graduated in May, a month later passed boards, returned to home state, asked a family friend who worked on postpartum unit for 30+ years to help me out. She solicited for me with my resume and business card starting with L&D nurse manager up to a CNO she knew. I emailed all (with their permission) my resume and cover letter. They all went directly to HR on my behalf. Days later I had an interview and was told the same day that they would be extending an offer. the next day they confirmed after reference check. It really was who I knew that got me in the door and then my resume and interviews that sealed the deal. The position wasn't listed externally. Networking starts at home with your family, next with friends, then friends of friends and so on. Older relatives/friends are good because they have probably been with the same employer for many years and they know everyone.
  4. byrd262

    How do I obtain a PA nursing license?

    It only took me 2 weeks after mailing my application to receive my PA license in the mail. I applied by endorsement from the state of Maryland. It was the easiest application process. No fingerprints, no background check, no notarizing, no picture! It was just a 3-4 page application, a money order of about $100, and $30 Nursys verification. A walk in the park compared to some other states.
  5. byrd262

    Moved to PA -- Need FBI Fingerprint Checks (???)

    Agency/institution specific! Major hospitals, however, usually don't except it from you, they are willing to incur the expense themselves. I just hot hired at a major facility and they didn't take my FBI, Childline, nor my PA State Police background checks.
  6. byrd262

    Starting Salaries for New Nurses in Philly

    No secrets here. New Grad + Pennsylvania Hospital (not HUP) = $27/hr
  7. byrd262

    UK RN/RM work as a CNM in USA?

    Here is a start through Philadelphia University: http://www.philau.edu/midwifery/mscertapo.htm ADVANCED PLACEMENT OPTION FOR NURSE-PRACTITIONERS AND FOREIGN-EDUCATED MIDWIVES The purpose of the APO is to assure sound preparation in midwifery, while minimizing repetition of learning activities for knowledge and skills already attained. The APO may allow the student to accelerate through the midwifery program or complete the program on a part-time basis. Applicants for the APO complete the general admissions process for the MS in Midwifery or Post-Master's Certificate and, in addition, submit detailed documentation of previous professional education and clinical practice by completing the APO portfolio provided. To be eligible for the APO, applicants must: * Meet all of the MS or Post-Master's Certificate admissions requirements. * Provide documentation of successful completion of a nurse practitioner or midwifery program accredited by the recognized regulatory body for the jurisdiction where the institution is located * Have no history of any professional credential revocation * Take and submit results of the Test of English as a Foreign Language [TOEFL] with a minimum score of 550 [paper-based], 213 [computer-based], 79 (internet-based), or submit a transcript showing the completion of the highest level of an intensive English language program if they are from countries whose first language is not English * Have a minimum of two (2) years experience in advanced clinical practice as a nurse practitioner or midwife within the previous ten (10) years, or have graduated from a nurse practitioner or midwifery education program within the previous three (3) years * Have in-hospital work experience as an RN in the United States for at least one (1) year in the preceding five (5) years in maternal/newborn care, if they are foreign educated midwives (FEM)
  8. Any new updates?
  9. byrd262

    Daily Acitivities of Outpatient Peds Office!

  10. Can someone please describe the role of an RN working in a busy pediatric office? I am considering a non-hospital position but want to know what to expect. I'm sure that immunizations are a role of the RN but what else? Phone triage? Patient/family education? Reading TB tests? Any information would be appreciated!
  11. byrd262

    The most comfortable Nursing Shoes

    I swear by my MBTs. When I first started, I continued wearing my cheap "nursing" shoes from nursing school. Boy was that a joke for those 12-hour shifts. My first week of 3 straight 12s was a nightmare, I felt like my feet were going to fall off. Really! My preceptor had MBTs and my sister (an RN) swore by hers. I know they are ugly and expensive but I would not wear anything else. It took less than half a shift to get used to walking in them, but are not as crazy as they look. Better yet, there is no "breaking-in" like with the hard Danskos and etc. If interested go on the MBT website and find out the stores in your area that carry them and try them on. I bought mine on sale at the "Walking Company" for $160. Get a half size larger though. Completely worth it! I work L&D so I never wear them on the street or home so when I change after my shift and step into my brand new, expensive New Balances, I feel disappointed. There is no comparison to sneakers. MBTs met my expectations.
  12. byrd262

    Bursitis (knees)....best shoes????

    MBTs are the best!
  13. byrd262

    Talking to a CNM

    Honestly, if I were you, I would schedule an annual GYN exam with a local office with CNMs. Find out if any practices exist where you live with CNMs and then schedule your appointment as you normally would and gradually ask your questions. You don't have to make this your main GYN. Just make sure they take your insurance. If you are a nursing student (especially in a large city), find out if your L&D clinical sites have CNMs. My school gave us a list to choose of sites (no guarentee, of course.) I chose the site with the most CNMs. Now, as a doula, I go to that facility every once and a while and 3 of the CNMs know me.
  14. I know it's possible to hold multiple state licenses, BUT is it possible to apply to more than one state BON to obtain licensure by examination? Simply, do I only have one choice sit for my NCLEX ? I ask because my gradute program requires multiple state licenses because that increases where they can place you for clinicals. One of the states is NJ which I understand to be a difficult process with many steps. Any input is appreciated.
  15. byrd262

    Skull Indentations...Normal?

    Thanks for your reply. The indentations were on top of her head though not the sides.
  16. I volunteer at a local clinic that is manged by NPs. It allows me to practice taking vitals and assessments before the NP comes in to examine the patient. The oddest thing occurred. I was assessing a patient and there were indentations in her skull. I was palpating her scalp and felt a few dents. One was about 5 cm in length and 1 cm wide. It was deep too. There were 2 other dents that I felt. I asked her if she knew about them and if she was born with them. She said that she wasn't born with them, but noticed them about 3 months ago when washing her hair. She is 24 years old and has never been involved in a trauma of any kind. I reported it to the NP who didn't know what it was, but referred the patient. Has anyone seen/felt that before? I've seen men with shaved heads before that have abnormalities. But this was so much different. I couldn't see it because she had a lot of hair but it felt like a newborn's fontanels (but longer). This is still bothering me. Any ideas? --Senior Nursing Student