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  1. It's been awhile since I posted anything here but I've been reading around for some time. I recently had a job interview and I was hoping to get everyone's insight regarding a particular concern. First of all, I thought the interview went ok. I interviewed with HR first (~30 minutes), then went straight to interview with the nurse manager (~1.5 hours), and then interviewed with staff nurses (~1.5 hours). There are a few people I know that have recently obtained jobs from this organization and all but one was offered to shadow on the floor that they interviewed on. However, I was not offered the opportunity to shadow and I'm concerned that this is a red flag that I'm not in the running. So, my question for you is...should I consider the fact that I wasn't offered the opportunity to shadow alone as a sign that I didn't get the job? I've already been waiting a couple weeks to hear back but so far, nothing. Does anybody know of anyone that has gotten the job they interviewed for without being offered the opportunity to shadow? Your help would be appreciated. Thanks.