Any ideas for MSN/Education online programs?

  1. I am currently enrolled in an MSN/CNS program, just started in September. It is a great program; very thorough, and excellent instructors. However, this is taking sooooo much of my time, and I really just want to teach. Plus, I'm an OB nurse, and there is absolutley NO market for an OB CNS in my location. I plan on finishing this semester,then transferring to an online program in January.

    I read the UOP thread, and found it very helpful, but wanted to explore all of my options before I put all my eggs in one basket (my granny would be proud to hear me say that one). I've read about Walden University in Indiana, and Wheeling Jesuit also.

    I am looking for a user-friendly online Nursing Education program that I can use Stafford loans for financing...Any input would be GREATLY appreciated!

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  3. by   am17sg05
    just like you, i want to pursue MSN and i was really thinking of asking some info here in our forum but since you've started it, here i am also.i have inquired in UOP and i just find it very expensive.i just talked to walden is cheaper than UOP but still expensive.they though are helpful with regards to financial assistance like scholarships or financial may wanna call raj haridat at 18664925336 ext 6536 for more need to spend 15-20 hrs/wk and it would last for 2 yrs if you are a BSN.
  4. by   rninme
    St Joseph's College of Maine. $325/credit hour.
  5. by   nizhoni
    Check out the University of Wyoming's online MSN in nursing education. It appears to be less expensive and straight to the point (30 sem hours).
  6. by   LaurynRN
    I just wanted to add that I am graduating with my BSN from the University of Wyoming in about 6 weeks(RN -BSN online). I actually chose them because of the low cost and have had a great experience. It has been a ton of work and I don't have any other online experiences to compare it to but I would recommend it. I am looking for a new online program because I don't want the Education track (the only one UW offers presently online).
  7. by   LadyT618
    I'm looking at Graceland University myself. I think they're about $425/cr
  8. by   tbal
    Excelsior also now has a MSN education concentration. I am not yet enrolled But they did recently send me information about their program. I am thinking about enrolling for the January semester.
  9. by   QTBabyNurse
    nova southeastern university....100% online...nova southeastern university
  10. by   Goodoldnurse
    The University of Oklahoma has a Masters in Nursing Education program that is entirely online. It is 32 hours and about $350 or so (total with fees) a credit hour. I don't know about those from outside Oklahoma, but that is what we are paying. Since starting last Summer, I have finished most of the core classes. I have heard good things about the other universities, but wanted to make sure I went to an accredited one. :smilecoffeecup:
  11. by   sunnyjohn
    Anyone here done the U of Wyoming program?
  12. by   susan18
    I am currently enrolled in Loyola Univ. of New Orleans' online Health Care Systems Management MSN curriculum, and I absolutely love it! I am a nurse educator for a large state correctional facility, and plan to teach after I graduate. I am also a Loyola U. of Chicago undergrad, and knew from my undergrad curriculum that I would get a great graduate education through Loyola, though I thoroughly researched other schools!
    The HCSM emphasis prepares one as an advanced nurse administrator, with
    the tools to move throughout the US health care systems confidently in whatever venue one chooses to work in. I chose it rather than nursing education as a curriculum, because I can teach with any Masters', in the part-time format I want to, in an associate degree nursing program.
    Loyola was reasonable fee-wise, and their information technology support is fantastic! I have made wonderful online pals as classmates. We are a class of about 100. I work full-time, am a single mom of 2 teens, and am carrying a 4.0 due to the ease of this program, which is fully NLN-accredited.
    If anyone is interested, please check Loyola out. Their web address is Welcome to Loyola University New Orleans
    Best of luck to finding your best "fit" in grad school!
  13. by   cinnyluvscats
    I'm glad to read these posts about earning an online MSN degree. Thanks to the person who posted the scholarship websites!
    I've checked into St. Joseph's and Wheeling Jesuit and would love to hear from anyone who is either currently in 1 of these programs or is a graduate.
    I'll also check out the Wyoming school since I'm wanting to focus on education.

    Any advice on doing this part-time? With 4 kids (3 still at home), a part-time job, and volunteer work, my time is limited.

    Also, what is the GRE like? I'm nervous about taking it since my pitiful math skills are extremely rusty!

    Thanks to all,
  14. by   sparkyRN
    I just finished my first class online with UWyo. I'm in the MSN Nurse Educator option which is all online. It is definitely grad level classes which means a lot of reading and analysis on your own then online postings with your classmates. The instructors guide the discussion, but the students give most of the input. It has been a great experience! I've enjoyed virtually meeting my classmates--most are from WY but there are several of us scattered all over the US. It requires commitment, but has been worth it so far. Tuition is the best 3 hour class cost $597 total ($199/hr). The cost is the same in-state or out-of-state making it affordable to pay-as-you-go. The program can be done in 2,3, or 4 years and you have 6 years to graduate. Their website is ok, a little hard to navigate, but the people in the nursing school admin. have been very nice to work with.