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I'm a mom, nurse, and wife. I'm Catholic, cat lover, and gardener.

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  1. Nurses with scoliosis out there?

    The last time I saw an orthopedic surgeon for my back was back in 1994 after I delivered my youngest. Was having tailbone pain and wanted to get checked out. Other than having 1-2 broken wires at the very bottom of the fusion, I was fine. Hope yo...
  2. Nurses with scoliosis out there?

    I've had scoliosis since I was 14 years old. Had corrective surgery when I was 18 (Luque wire technique). Orginially, my curvature was about 60-65 degrees top and bottom (S-shaped curve) that's been corrected to about 40 degrees. I have worked on...
  3. Dress codes?

    I currently work for a local health dept. and we wear scrub tops and pants with occasional scrub jacket or white labcoat. Not sure if this is universal, though. When I did my clinicals 20+ years ago, that navy blue/light blue rule applied. They wo...
  4. Any ideas for MSN/Education online programs?

    I'm glad to read these posts about earning an online MSN degree. Thanks to the person who posted the scholarship websites! I've checked into St. Joseph's and Wheeling Jesuit and would love to hear from anyone who is either currently in 1 of these ...
  5. West Virginia Nursing-Related Publication and Association Links

    Thanks for posting these links to the WV Nursing Association. The first one worked, but the one to the publication didn't. Not sure if it's a computer problem on my end or what. Cindy
  6. What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby?

    One of the most unusual names I heard during my OB days was "Tequilla Dawn". Also a "Justyn Thyme" and 3 "Ashley Nicoles" in 1 week!
  7. Child Health Clinics

    Things that have helped me with giving immunizations to kids: 1. Know thy stuff - Parents hear all kinds of truth and fiction about shots, so it really helps to reassure them if you can answer the more common questions and know where to look up the ...
  8. Something all OB nurses should know.

    Thanks to all of you for sharing your feelings and opening your hearts to all of us. Even though I left OB 10 years ago, I still remember the patients that experienced losses of their babies. One aspect that I think needs mentioned is support betw...
  9. nursing student with public health backround

    It depends on what type of public health nursing you want to do. I work as an RN at a city health dept. and administer an immunization grant. I have my BSN, which is enough for this position. If you want to become specialized, such as bioterroris...
  10. Nurses with Diabetes

    I am in a similar boat with you. Just got diagnosed with Type 2 last week myself. I'd had the classic symptoms for about a month and decided that denial wasn't working. I drank like a thirsty camel and lived in the bathroom! My job is at a local...
  11. Diabetic Pet Peeves

    I've been an RN for 20 years and have taken care of diabetics, especially gestational diabetics after working 9 years on OB. I'm now on the threshhold of being diagnosed myself. I'd been having the classic symptoms. 2 separate FBS were done at wor...
  12. Public Health Nursing Course

    i am the immunization action plan grant nurse for a southeastern ohio county. i really want to take the public health nursing course offered by the ohio dept. of health. has anyone taken this course recently or a course like this from their state h...
  13. Becoming a Community Health Nurse

    To find out what type of community/public health nursing is included in your local BSN program, you'll probably have to call them and ask. You might want to try and talk to one of the clinical instructors. I graduated in 1986 and my first exposure...
  14. Becoming a Community Health Nurse

    Kudos to you both for recognizing that you need a better "fit" with your nursing careers! I've been an RN for almost 20 years and have worked a variety of places. Did my senior practicum in community nursing at a health dept. 3 days/week. I've wo...
  15. home health nursing vs public health nursing?

    My understanding of these 2 types of nursing may be limited, but I'll tell you what I do know. Home health nurses visit patients in their home. I did this for about 3 months and it was hard work! You have to be a creative problem-solver and a good...