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QTBabyNurse has 18 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Obstetrics/Case Management/MIS/Quality.

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  1. QTBabyNurse

    Considering an on call position

    Sorry that happened to you! Best of luck in the future...keep us posted!
  2. QTBabyNurse

    Considering an on call position

    Just curious.....What did you decide to do?
  3. QTBabyNurse

    Why Do Nurses Eat Their Own?

    I have found through many years in the nursing profession, that nurses will find whatever it is they expect to find. Here's a quote to remember "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."--Dr. Wayne Dyer This may be helpful to you and your daughter moving forward.
  4. QTBabyNurse

    When you're done. Just done.

    Sadly, no good deed ever goes unpunished!
  5. QTBabyNurse

    Data Abstractor position?

    I hear what you have been saying and Q-Centrix has positioned itself to evolve with the changes that are coming down the pike. I'm not concerned one bit that my job will be phased out. I'm in quite a bit of a different situation than a lone quality coordinator at one hospital would be.
  6. QTBabyNurse

    Data Abstractor position?

    I can understand your fear because you work for ONE facility. In my position, I am an extension of the quality department for MANY hospitals that have found it more cost effective to outsource their data abstraction. That is why Q-Centrix is experiencing tremendous growth. Hospitals are looking for ways to cut costs and staffing is their biggest expense. Your hospital may have chosen to discontinue abstracting topped out measures, however some hospitals have chosen to continue to abstract for core measures that have become voluntary. There is a wide variety out there for what hospitals are choosing to abstract In order to meet their quality objectives. It's a growing field for sure! Sorry your specific position is being weeded out. Good thing you're pursuing education...sounds like you need a change.
  7. QTBabyNurse

    Data Abstractor position?

    I work for Q-Centrix and trust me when I say this is not going away. We have a remarkably busy company that is only growing day by day!
  8. QTBabyNurse

    Data Abstractor position?

    While this may be somewhat true for Core Measure data abstraction, it is far from true for other types of data abstraction such as Get with the Guidelines and other registries. Hospitals are utilizing these more and more and the information is not pulled electronically. It is all done manually.
  9. QTBabyNurse

    Data Abstractor position?

    Data abstractors review patients' medical records to locate specific bits of documentationon order to answer questions in a vendor tool that are related to core measures (AMI, VTE, Stroke, Perinatal,etc). Some hospitals also review medical records for more specific medical registries such as Get With The Guidelines Stroke or Heart Failure. These abstractions are quite involved. It takes someone who is able to find their way easily through the medical record as well as the ability to decider very specific instruction guidelines for answering each data element question. It helps to know classification of medications as well.
  10. QTBabyNurse

    Core Measures Auditor

    I work for a company called Q-Centrix and do Core Measures abstraction as well as some Registry abstraction. You can apply on their website.
  11. QTBabyNurse

    How Happy Are You Doing Quality Improvement?

    Good luck with your presentation!
  12. QTBabyNurse

    Anyone went to these schools??

    I did Nova Southeastern's RN-BSN online program and really liked it. I had graduated with an ADN from a community college and if I would've done an RN-BSN through one of the state universities, I would've had to take a bunch of pre-reqs first. With Nova, they didn't require that. So I finished the program really quickly. Yes, it was a bit more expensive but if you figure in that I saved time and money by not taking all those pre-reqs, it was almost a "wash". Nova offers different scholarships for financial aid than you can get if you go to a state university.
  13. QTBabyNurse

    RN-BSN program

    I did Nova Southeastern's online RN-BSN and really liked the program a lot! Took me about a year to complete and they accepted my ADN as most of the prereqs so I only needed to take Sociology and that was all.
  14. First of all, I really liked working for Lee Memorial Health Systems. I worked for them over a couple years and the pay and the benefits were very good I thought. The nursing staff was very friendly to each other also. I've also done some PRN work for a few different hospitals through the years. Sarasota Memorial was one of them and honestly I didn't care for them too much. They are a magnet hospital and maybe that is why but some of the staff there seemed to be on a power trip and liked to feel they could micromanage other RN's. Being on different magnet councils was one of the methods the employees can choose to participate in to be able to advance and some seem to think they were better than others because of being on said "councils". Too much drama/politics for me. On to Fawcett Memorial and Peace River (now Bayfront Port Charlotte). I did PRN work for both of these facilities. Fawcett was very nice with good benefits and the nursing staff was friendly. Peace River was horrid and I would stay clear of them at all costs. Now, that being said, they have recently been taken over by CHS (they were HMA). Maybe that'll change things but I doubt it. They have been horrible for quite some time. Lastly, DeSoto Memorial is my favorite of any of the hospitals named. The staff is friendly, the patients (many of whom are migrants) are grateful and you really feel like you're making a difference in their lives. The downside is that the hospital has been in financial difficulty for many years and when census is down, you will be required to take your turn in being called off and having to use your PTO's to subsidize your hours. You will learn to do more with less. Your unit won't necessarily have the "latest and greatest" equipment but everyone you work with will have the patients' best interest at heart and that's something money cannot buy.
  15. QTBabyNurse

    Another feeling stupid thread... Need encouragement

    Don't get involved in the soap opera of gossipy co-workers. Stay clear of that drama...it will do you nothing but harm.
  16. QTBabyNurse

    Another feeling stupid thread... Need encouragement

    The quote above is very true. I've seen it time and time again with new nurses that I have trained in OB. The fact that you recognize what you don't know is a great first step. The dangerous nurses are the ones who think right out of the gate that they know exactly what to do, all the time, and do not question themselves ever. I would take an orientee like yourself any day! You are very new in the orientation process and so I would suggest being gentle with yourself. Take the great advice that other nurses in this thread have offered you. I especially like the comment of getting completely quiet to hear the baby's heart while trying to discern a murmur. If necessary, and if mom allows, bring the baby into a quiet nursery and close your eyes and just listen for a few minutes at a time. Of course, make sure that mom doesn't get the idea that something is wrong with her baby! Don't want to scare a new mommy! You will do fine in time. I have no doubt, because you show a genuine desire to be a fantastic and skillful nurse. Best of luck to you!