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  1. At my workplace we have two vending machines in our breakroom: one for pop, one for snacks. We do not have a cafeteria and our vending machines are only filled once a week. Thus, our pop and snacks go
  2. Warning, kind of a rant that nurses might understand.... I know many of my prior postings stated I want out of nursing; that is still true. But making it happen is such a difficult thing to do. Especi
  3. Im an inpatient oncology RN working in NYC and just had my one-year anniversary in December (first nursing job). I love oncology, I love my patients (well...most of the time, anyway :p), and I love al
  4. Hi Everyone, I love the wisdom and experience that so many of you possess, and wanted your opinions on how I handled a situation. I apologize in advance for the length of this. Im an recent LPN grad b
  5. Davey Do

    The Motivator

    We all need something that makes us wake up and give the dawn of our new day a great big ole Cosmic Howdy. Now that Im retired, I dont need something to get me motivated, Im already there. But there w
  6. Hi all, I have too much time to contemplate life during this quarantine! I have noticed some posters mention they recommend viewing nursing as your job and not your identity. I am guilty of having my
  7. Is anyone aware of a new CMS rule that all nursing progress notes are to be made available to patients in real time? This is the default at my hospital, and it is a HUGE safety risk to ER staff who ar
  8. Hello fellow nurses. Unfortunately, I have a complaint on my nursing license for neglect for something that was basically the fault of 2 CNAs under my care. I worked In LTC at the time and I was one n
  9. Hi all, does anyone have tips on starting IVs in the hand? At my new job they like IVs in the hand for certain procedures. In the hospital I worked they didnt like us to put IVs in the hands because o
  10. Im interested in hearing what other acute care hospitals do when they have have holes in staffing, such as same day call ins, or shortages of staff that dont allow for proper scheduling? Where do you
  11. nursevee76


    I have been out of nursing for 4 years now but with 10 years experience. How likely can I get a job in the field again and or what programs would I need to take?
  12. Hi! Im supposed to start nursing school in the fall and I was just wondering if there was any point? Ive wanted to be a nurse for a long time but I dont want to get into debt getting my BSN if I wont
  13. Lovethenurse2b25

    Struggling on my new job

    I started nursing in a long term care facility and rehabilitation hospital working PRN. And recently went onto a oncology/tele/med surg unit in a local hospital. It is a big learning curve for me beca
  14. A recent study found semaglutide, a drug used to treat type-2 diabetes, is also highly effective in the fight against obesity.  Read on to learn more about this “game-changing” study.
  15. carebear01

    System float?

    I’m thinking about leaving my current floor (inpatient rehab) to do system float (float to six hospitals within our system, all about 30-45 mins from my house). I have been in rehab for three years, b
  16. I have been an LPN since 2011 and an RN since 2014 . I am only 28 but I am beyond tired ! Mentally and physically . Ive tried Med surg , ortho , mental health , home health , Hospice and LTC . Between
  17. I came across a text from a guy from the Distance Learning Services DSL asking if I was interested in their RN program. Im looking to get back into college to get my RN. I researched this program and
  18. I am a 26 y/o female. I am currently in my 2nd semester of nursing school. Classes are online via zoom due to covid except for clinicals. I have scoliosis and today I found out I need back surgery to