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  1. stamf03

    West Coast University spring 2019

    Anyone willing to share their experience with WCU's nursing core?
  2. stamf03

    Testing Nightmare

    Oh that is tough! I would explain your situation to your professors and see if any of them would let you take your exam(s) earlier. I think its at least worth a shot.
  3. stamf03

    PreReqs Question? Too much at once?

    If you are working FT, I would recommend only taking one at a time.
  4. Before signing up for classes, I recommend going on sites such as ratemyprofessor to see what students say about the professors teaching the class you are registering for. A lot of times, there will be pros/cons & tips past students have to offer. This could really help you in choosing a professor. I’d also recommend talking to other students to see if they could recommend someone. IMO, having the right professor really makes or breaks the class. I would bring a copy of the powerpoint lecture to class with each slide taking up half the page (so I could take a lot of notes) and I would record the lecture. As soon as I had a chance, I would listen to the lecture and take detailed notes on the powerpoints. I then rewrote my notes. I used different ink colors for things that were important and made acronyms to help myself memorize different things. From there it was a lot of repetition. I would simply read through my powerpoint notes then my rewritten notes a few times a day and quiz myself on areas that weren’t sticking. I think you will be surprised on how much you will be able to retain as soon as you find a study method that works for you. I always struggled with math & science in high school and college. When I decided to change careers and start with my prereq coursework, I was really surprised how much I enjoyed them and that I did well in them. I am a stay-at-home mom as well and my confidence and self care taken a dive. I know everyone is different, but being a SAHM has been the HARDEST JOB for me. I will say that when I was taking my prereqs I felt more confident and capable of my abilities. I think talking to adults, spending some time on things other than kiddos, getting dressed really helped me. Good luck to you. You can do this!!
  5. stamf03

    West Coast University January 2020

    To start the application process you first need to go to an information session. I found this to be a total waste of time as you can find a lot of the info online and the person hosting my info session didn't know a lot, but you have to according to the school. Once complete, you will need to take the HESI or TEAS. Once that is complete, you will meet with an advisor & need to provide all of your transcripts. At that time, you will fill out a very long online application and then schedule a meeting with Financial Aid. Based on my experience, I'd recommend applying early. I called end of September and was told the January class was full for LA and Ontario. Their evaluation of transcripts is really slow. I turned everything in in October and was told that I would not hear anything back on what transferred until after January. You can get an idea of what will transfer based on their transfer evaluation : https://tes.collegesource.com/publicview/TES_publicview01.aspx?rid=af5b7235-ec8f-4f03-bf67-a934bc2f9639&aid=365848d2-c2a5-47f5-82f3-6f23a5a280da
  6. stamf03

    West Coast University

    Out of curiosity, how much cheaper is Ontario than North Hollywood? I am starting at the North Hollywood campus in April, but would consider Ontario to save $$. I'm located pretty much in the middle of the two locations so either would work for me.
  7. stamf03

    Advice On Nursing

    You have a lot on your plate. Nursing school requires a lot and based on what you're going through, you may not be in the right space to be successful in it. As previous posters mentioned, nursing school will always be there. I think that if you are currently struggling with your prereqs, nursing school will be too much at the moment. Take this time for yourself and get back into things when you're ready. It takes a lot to recognize the need to step back. Don't be too hard on yourself!
  8. I still have not gotten any answers, but have been able to find out a little on my own. Do you have a student account through the school? If yes, you can log into your account via the student portal. On the left side go to Campus Info, then Course Availability. From there, enter the course name and you'll get the course schedule and even clinical location. Hope that helps
  9. stamf03

    West Coast University Cost

    I don't think that you will have any problems as long as you are able to cover the remaining balance of your tuition not covered by financial aid by private loans or on your own. As a previous poster mentioned, there are 4 mandatory GE courses that everyone needs to take through WCU. If you are able to transfer all other GE courses, you are looking at 5.5 semesters at about $17K/semester before FA. I will be attending the North Hollywood campus starting this April. I met with FA in November. You are given a projected cost which was higher (because they don't have your transfer credits completed during the FA meeting). More than likely, you will have several months to figure out how you're going to cover the difference. If I remember correctly, my FA advisor gave me 3 options: Personal loans, out of pocket or a combination.
  10. Unfortunately, still no answers. I'm very curious to get an idea on what to expect. Hopefully, someone will respond soon!
  11. stamf03

    Not Good at English and wants to prusue Nursing

    I recommend reading as much as possible to improve your vocabulary. Whenever you come across a word that you are unfamiliar with, look it up and see how the word can be used. I know how it feels to be insecure about speaking a language outside of your native one. At one point, I lived in France and was so insecure about speaking French that I pretty much avoided any situation where I had to speak French. I had taken French classes at home, but I didn’t feel that they really prepared me. I think an English class will help you gain a foundation of the language and proper usage. However, I think in order to build confidence and become comfortable, you should watch TV with subtitles and sing along to songs. Honestly, this helped a lot with pronunciation and accent. Try to speak English as much as possible with friends and maybe look into a tutor to help with writing and that way you can have also have someone to practice speaking with.
  12. Hi all, Just curious to know the approximate rate of pay for a recent grad w/BSN in the Los Angeles area. Also, approximately how long did it take for you to land your first job?
  13. stamf03

    What are my chances of being accepted?

    Nursing schools evaluate their applicants differently (point/lottery/points & lottery). In addition, you can lose points for repeat coursework. With that said, I think you have as good of a chance as anyone else with schools utilizing a lottery system and given that you pass the TEAS. I think that your chances of being accepted into a school utilizing points based on your current grades & repeat might be hard. Also, a lot will depend on how you do on the TEAS exam, so make sure to prepare for it! I would apply to any and all schools that I think I would have a shot at getting into. Since you’re able and willing to leave the state, maybe look at programs elsewhere that you’d have a better chance of getting into. I know that CA has an influx of people applying to schools.
  14. stamf03

    Change in careers

    Hey there! I am in the process of making a career change into the nursing field. Like you, I am in my mid 30s and spent way too much time post-college in a career that I felt I never belonged in and became unfulfilling. I couldn’t imagine doing what I was doing for the rest of my working life. I always had an interest in nursing, but thought it wasn’t for me because I struggled with science coursework in high school and college. Then, a few years ago, my dad was very ill and I was his caretaker and interacted with a lot of his nurses and care providers. I was touched and in awe of his nurses and my interest in nursing reopened. Honestly, I was really scared too. It wasn’t a decision I could make lightly and wanted to make sure this time around, I would be happy with my decision. I did a lot of research and I talked to as many nurses as I could. I went on blogs, this site, reached out to people I haven’t spoken to in years to get as many opinions and as much insight into nursing as I could. I took my prerequisite courses (Anatomy, Physiology, Micro and Chem) at a local community college while working FT and LOVED being back in school and found a lot of the material interesting. You want to do well in your pre-reqs so I recommend taking 1/semester if you are working. You may also need to take a few additional pre-reqs if they were not required for your previous undergrad degree. Once all your pre-reqs are complete, you’ll need to take the TEAS and you can then start applying to programs. I feel that with nursing, you’ll always have a job and there are so many different avenues that you could pursue and there is always room for growth. Best of luck to you!
  15. Hello! It is very likely that I will be starting WCU's BSN program (North Hollywood) Spring 2020 and am interested in gaining some insight into the nursing core program. I anticipate that I will start nursing core August 2020 and have not been able to get a lot of information on what to expect aside from a 1000% commitment. If anyone is attending or has gone through nursing core, what does a typical term look like? How many times/week are you in class on campus? How many times per week do you attend clinicals? Are you able to request your clinical site or are they assigned to you? Are there a lot of last minute changes with your schedule? And (I know subjective) but being this is an accelerated program, do you feel that it is doable or too much to handle? Thank you!

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