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  1. VegGal

    RN pay rate for LTC please?

    Hello, I'm moving to TN (Nashville - Franklin area) and have been finding LTC RN jobs online that state they pay well, and then I find out that they pay about $29/hr. Is that the normal rate for an RN/BSN with experience? I was an LPN prior to becoming an RN several years ago. Any suggestions as to what would be an OK hourly rate to ask for on my job applications? Does a BSN mean a little more money? Thanks!
  2. Hello everyone! I'm about to renew my California RN license, and the application requires a CEU provider number. It also states that education credits (BSN, MSN etc) can count towards the CEUs but what do I use as the provider number? My BSN was from Grand Canyon University. Anyone know their provider number? I called them but couldn't get the info. They gave me an ID that turned out to be the FAFSA school code. Thank you.
  3. VegGal

    Need perceptor for MSN education

    Hello all, I'd like to get some info on how I could find a preceptor for my MSN clinicals. I'm in the Southern California (Los Angeles county) area, but closer to OC than most of LA. I'd prefer for the preceptor to be outside the hospital setting, so maybe nursing home management, home health, or pretty much any other setting outside the hospital. My MSN is a Nursing Leadership track, and my clinicals would be for early 2018. All advice and suggestions would be welcome. Thank you :)
  4. VegGal

    Say a prayer please...

    So sad. I'll keep them all in my prayers.
  5. VegGal

    Pt family pocket narcotic

    Why did the RN leave the meds with the patient ? The RN's job is to watch the patient take their meds, not leave it with the patient, or the family. That's a classic example of why families should not be trusted with a patient's meds.
  6. Thank you for all the info. You've been most helpful! :)
  7. VegGal

    Capella University

    Joe V: Why do you keep doing a staff edit and posting that about the Peer Reviews when there's only ONE review??
  8. DeLynn, I'm close to deciding on Capella for my MSN (FlexPath) and was wondering if you'd mind sharing how long instructors have to return assignments after you turn them in? When I did my BSN at GCU they had a week to grade our assignments and some took almost 2 weeks, and that's why I ask. Has that ever held you back from moving into the next course? As it's the first MSN FlexPath class it's been difficult for me to get all the info I'd like on it. I have 13 courses and I'm also wondering if it could be possible to complete it over 2 quarters? My admission counselor tells me that it's possible to do that for the BSN but she's unsure about the MSN. Do you have any opinions on this? Thank you!!
  9. VegGal

    Comparing a nurses' salary

    I tend to agree, however you'd be surprised how poorly paid some nurses are even out here in CA. I've seen ads for LPN positions where they seem to think that $17 an hour is an "Awesome hourly rate!!!" And I've seen low rates for RNs advertised as well, although not as often as the ones for LVNs. Several months ago I interviewed for a LTC RN Supervisor position where the DON commented that my asking rate was too high (I had written "$40/hr, negotiable.") When I asked what amount she had in mind, she said "$19 to $22 or $23"!!! I laughed. She called me a couple weeks later and offered me $25, but that was still ridiculously low. If employers think they can get away with paying low wages, they will. I understand that when the cost of living is extremely low, it's OK to pay a little lower, but not $19!! It doesn't matter how low the cost of living is. RNs should not be accepting $19/hr anywhere in North America!!
  10. VegGal

    MSN- Leadership: will I survive?

    RNRy, would you mind sharing the type of assessment methods used in the MSN Leadership / Management program? For example, were there any exams (on camera or at a test center) or were all your assessments done through writing or some other format? Thank you.
  11. VegGal

    Just finished the MSN/Informatics

    FeatherzRN, thanks for all the info. You've been most helpful! :)
  12. Hi, I'm moving from California to TN (just south of Nashville) and am looking to work in LTC. I've been an RN for a little over 2 years, have a BSN and was an LPN for about 7 years prior to that. Does anyone know how much I can expect to make as an RN in the Spring Hill - Franklin area, vs. Murfreesboro? I currently make close to $40/hr. I realize that the money probably won't be as good in TN, but there are other benefits to living there, so I'm OK with that, but would still like to have an idea of what to expect. Also, do they even hire RNs with BSNs for the LTC setting out there? It's not very common here in CA, as most nurses in LTC are ADNs and LVNs, and that's why I ask. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks for reading!
  13. VegGal

    Can I Get A Priest? Running Out Of Time!

    I completely agree with your way of looking at this. You know your "resident" the priest, and you knew the dying patient's wishes as well as those of the family. The thing to keep in mind, in my opinion, is that sometimes in instances like getting a priest or pastor in time is that it's not a legal issue, but more of what would make the family and the patient happy, and if the religious person could be brought in before the person dies! Of course if the person needed a doctor, and you called a retired doctor with Alzheimer's, that would be a major legal issue, which of course you know, and would never do. Quick thinking there. Great job!
  14. VegGal

    how to study???

    If you believe what others tell you, i.e. "too old, can't study, etc." then that's exactly how you will be. There's no such thing as "brain does not work." You have a very negative opinion of yourself, and until you change that and tell yourself you can succeed, there's really nothing much others can do or say to help you. Also, it doesn't matter whether you prefer to study alone. If it's not working, it's time to do something else. Talk to other students in your class, especially those who are doing well. Ask for help. Talk to your instructor. If you're having trouble with English, then how can you expect to be able to work as an LPN or to communicate with your coworkers and patients in the future? If English is the problem, then take an English class first. If it's not, then work with your classmates and help each other to study. For me personally, reading my textbook prior to the lesson helped me pick up concepts faster than sitting in class trying to understand things for the first time. Good luck!
  15. VegGal

    Just finished the MSN/Informatics

    Wow! Congratulations!! I do have a couple questions, but I'm interested in the Leadership options. Some would pertain to your MSN as well. 1. How quickly can you complete an MSN at WGU? Is 6 months unreasonable? 2. Were any of your exams done with a webcam / in person at a testing center, or was all testing through papers, projects, etc? 3. Is it true that the highest GPA would be a 3.0? Thanks so much!! And congratulations again!! :)