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VegGal is a BSN, RN and specializes in LTC / ALF, Management, Community Nursing.

Until he extends the circle of his compassion to all living things, man will not himself find peace. —Albert Schweitzer, French philosopher, physician, and musician (Nobel 1952)

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  1. VegGal

    Work from home RN / BSN positions?

    Thank you NRSKarenRN. I appreciate that info!
  2. Hello, I'm hoping some of the nurses here will be able to help by recommending companies that hire RNs for work from home type positions that are either entirely or almost entirely work from home / work remotely. I found one some time ago but they were 100% sales position with hard selling and that's just not something I want to have to do every day. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm OK with having to apply for licenses from several states if I have to. Thank you.
  3. VegGal

    Question to all nurses who work in Psych

    Thank you Greenbeanio and Verene. Your responses were very helpful. Although I'm really interested in mental health nursing, I've decided not to accept that job that I was offered because the hourly rate offered was very low. I had to weigh the benefits vs the possibility of getting hurt and also all the things I'd have to deal with, and I just couldn't see how I could justify taking a position that paid about $10 less per hour when compared to other RN positions in the area. Just didn't make any sense and I have no idea why their wages are so low
  4. VegGal

    OASIS paperwork - how to learn

    NRSKaren, thank you for your very helpful response. Is it still OK to get the 2018 version of Tina Marrelli's book, although the latest OASIS in 2019?
  5. Hello all, Is there a short course on completing the OASIS paperwork, or a book that anyone could recommend? Also how long should it take for an RN to complete it? Thank you.
  6. VegGal

    Is 63 to old to start nursing school?

    A woman in my LPN program many years ago was in her 60s when she started the program with us. If I remember correctly, she was at least 65. She was very diligent with all her coursework and clinicals, always on time, always did well in all our tests, and graduated at the top of our class. I left the state soon after the program, and I heard that she worked as an LPN at a local doctor's office for about a year and decided to retire for good. I don't know if there was more to that story, but at any rate, she was probably atl east 68 by then. Maybe all she wanted to do was achieve her dream of becoming a nurse, maybe the job was too much for her. Either way, I have no idea, but she did go through the program and do really well, so it's not too late for you, but only you know if you'll be able to actually work as a nurse. Does that matter right now though? As long as you won't have to take out student loans, or borrow the money some other way for school, I think you should give it a try. You never know how you'll do until you actually do it! All the best to you.
  7. VegGal

    Question to all nurses who work in Psych

    Thank you TCASII. I appreciate the info. What is a reasonable patient load per nurse on a psych unit ?
  8. VegGal

    Animal abuse

    I remember that a couple years ago, the FBI made some statement about animal abuse and how it would be taken seriously because they found a link between those who abuse animals and who then go on to become serial killers, wife beaters, etc. If it were me who found out about the abuse, I'd report it anonymously. You can even report it to PETA. They take reports very seriously. I've used a different email address and reported things to them before.
  9. I recently applied for a psych position at a small facility where they treat people ranging from adolescents to the elderly, both inpatient and outpatient. and I was informed that apart from the adolescent and adult treatment programs, they also have an adult co-occurring program, adult intensive program and older adult program. They also have several outpatient programs. I've worked with mental health clients in an adult day healthcare center, along with the elderly (non-mental health), so we were limited as to the type of clients we were allowed to have in the previous work setting (i.e. all on meds / very high functioning). My question now is in a psych facility with inpatient and outpatient clients, what would the role of the RN be, if they don't have groups and sessions to lead? I was told that this facility does not do groups at all, and in my previous experience with mental health clients, we also did groups with them (RNs and LPNs did those). I'm basically asking about RN responsibilities apart from med passes, initial assessments, ongoing assessments, monitoring clients and documentation. Are IVs and tube feeds and caths done in these settings? Just a little confused about the role of the RN here and would like to know more before I have an interview. I've had one conversation with someone from HR and that's where I got the above info. I did ask if I could request not to work with adolescents, and she said yes, but that the RN would have to cover pretty much any unit at times when they were short. I'd be okay with that at rare times, just don't see myself working with adolescents in any setting on a regular basis as I have absolutely no experience with kids / teens. I really liked working with my mental heath clients in the community setting, and am hoping I'll like this setting as well. I do know it will be very different though. Thank you for any info anyone may be able to give me.
  10. VegGal

    Nurses, Get Ready for Amazon Prime Day 2019

    Someday, I hope there'll be just as much fanfare and tips encouraging nurses to save money and to build wealth for our future and our old age.
  11. VegGal

    Capella RN-BSN Flexpath-My experience

    Pmabraham, congratulations on your BSN! I'm just curious ... would you do Capella's MSN if you had the chance? I took a couple MSN classes at Capella but then put my education on hold, and now it's been about a year and I'm looking at MSN programs again. I've heard about issues with their Doctoral program (nursing) and a pending lawsuit, but from what I know, the MSN may still be OK. Any thoughts on that? Thanks.
  12. VegGal

    RN at a loss as to what to get into next

    Your suggestions have all been wonderful, and I'm going to look into each one as those are all things I'm really interested in - becoming an educator, wound care position with a wound care company and in a hospital setting (previously when I said I didn't want to work in a hospital setting, I meant I didn't want to do bedside nursing). Thank you so much everyone!
  13. VegGal

    RN at a loss as to what to get into next

    Thanks! I do love working with patients, just not the floor nurse type stuff, and med-passes, etc for now. I'll keep looking. Thank you
  14. VegGal

    RN pay rate for LTC please?

    Hello! So I've found that most LTC in the Nashville area really do only pay about $26 - $29, but in a few cases in what they consider "skilled LTC" or regular skilled, they will go up to about $30 - 31. I also found one place that has higher acuity clients (right out of the hospital into skilled) and they pay about $33, but that's about the highest rate there. At this time, I'm really hoping for something other than skilled, so I'm still looking. I'll be living in the Nashville area in about a month, so if you need some info, send me a message then and I'll let you know what I find. All the best in your future plans!
  15. Hello everyone, I'm an RN with a BSN, and I'm a little tired of doing skilled-type nursing for now (IVs, G-tubes, caths, etc). I like wound care, but every wound care job I've seen in my area also requires that the RN do the med pass (which would include IVs, etc). I've worked in management as a nursing supervisor and also as a nurse manager, and those jobs were great, but I'm in the process of moving to the South (Nashville), and most of those supervisory / management type positions are in Assisted Living. I'm fine with ALF as I also love working with memory care and the elderly in general, but I've found that those jobs are mostly for LVNs. Any suggestions? I'm at a loss as to what I should do. I'm burned out by skilled nursing, and I don't want to work in a hospital. My last position was in community nursing at at ADHC where I worked with the elderly and mental health clients. Would appreciate any suggestions anyone can give me. Thanks!

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