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  1. At my workplace we have two vending machines in our breakroom: one for pop, one for snacks. We do not have a cafeteria and our vending machines are only filled once a week. Thus, our pop and snacks go
  2. For those of you who are in a managerial or supervisory role at work, do you answer work phone calls on your days off, even when you are not on call? In my role, I work Monday through Friday anywhere
  3. Hi guys, I just wanted a sounding board for this. I worked this weekend as a Supervisor, I’m an RN. We had a patient who needed Narcan, he had an order for it and we have a Narcan policy in the build
  4. I graduated w/ my BSN last Spring and ended up on starting a tele-turned-COVID floor last fall. I felt very fortunate that I got a hospital job, but 2 months in, I was starting to realize how things w
  5. Wanted to create this board to share questions, points & help each other for the Fall 2021 application cycle to San Joaquin Delta College ADN program in Stockton, California.
  6. It seems that some threads here on allnurses get a lot of attention tend to being negative, whether they be about professional or personality problems. So, hey- this thread is aimed at the positive at
  7. Warning, kind of a rant that nurses might understand.... I know many of my prior postings stated I want out of nursing; that is still true. But making it happen is such a difficult thing to do. Especi
  8. As a new graduate NP, you’ve made it through the program and passed the boards, yah! Now it’s time to find the first job. Here are some frequently asked questions of the new grad as the time comes to
  9. Im an inpatient oncology RN working in NYC and just had my one-year anniversary in December (first nursing job). I love oncology, I love my patients (well...most of the time, anyway :p), and I love al
  10. Forum for people to stay updated on the application process for the Nurse Residency at Memorial Hermann. The app opened on the 15th and closed on the 21st.
  11. Hi Everyone, I love the wisdom and experience that so many of you possess, and wanted your opinions on how I handled a situation. I apologize in advance for the length of this. Im an recent LPN grad b
  12. Davey Do

    The Motivator

    We all need something that makes us wake up and give the dawn of our new day a great big ole Cosmic Howdy. Now that Im retired, I dont need something to get me motivated, Im already there. But there w
  13. A new case study in which the patient, a 50-yr-old male of mixed race visits his primary care physician with concerns about wild mood swings and outbursts of anger. “I’ve been screaming at my husband. The other day I eve…
  14. Hi all, I have too much time to contemplate life during this quarantine! I have noticed some posters mention they recommend viewing nursing as your job and not your identity. I am guilty of having my
  15. BunnyBunnyBSNRN

    Opening Texas

    Our governor has decided to lift all the state mandates re: mask wearing and business operating capacity. Now we wait for TEA to decide how schools respond. https://www.ksat.com/news/local/2021/03/02/
  16. This question is specifically targeted to nurses that work with inpatients in the hospital. If you have 2 options for administration of pain medication, when would you chose to give IV over PO if they
  17. Cohort 35: Summer 2021, March 1st-March 19th 2021: Online Application Open, May 10th-May 14th 2021: Panel Interviews, June 28th 2021: Cohort Start Date. Hoping we can come together and navigate this a
  18. Hello all, I made an anonymous account to post this. I’ve worked in psych nursing for going on 8 years, I know we deal with mentally ill patients, who can and are psychotic, violent, aggressive, detox