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POLL for 1st time NCLEX-PN takers with 85 q's...

concorde concorde (New) New

Has any one of u guys who took the NCLEX-PN for the first time with 85's failed? just want to know the odds of passing....thanks

i know i've heard of a few people say that they failed with 85. i know of 2 for sure that have taken it in the last week and passed with 85. i took it yesterday with two of my friends from school and we all 3 got 85. i'm really nervous !!! i'll keep ya posted.

Yes, I heard that a person with 85 questions failed also..The person posted on this board..Failing with 85 is considered very bad because the computer found you incompetent with the least amount of questions..When the computer goes on ater 85 questions, at least you know the computer is still questioning your ability to pass or not..

Little Panda RN, ASN, RN

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I passed with 85 and I think the majority do, but I also believe that those who fail at 85 were either very nervous or have a difficult time taking exams. Nursing exams are unlike any exam ever taken, you really have to think, it is not a matter of just choosing the right answer, it is knowing why you are choosing that answer. The NCLEX is difficult to say the least, but 85% of first time takers pass.


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My class mate and I both passed computer turned off at 86...

I passed w/85 questions.:nuke:

Jules A, MSN

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I passed both my LPN and RN with the minimum number of questions and don't personally know anyone who failed with 75 or 85.

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