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Hey everyone,

I am going to be writing some articles for allnurses.

I wanted to ask your opinion on these six headlines and see which one you would be most interested in reading about. Comment on the number you are most interested in.

1. 3 Ways to stay awake while driving that work

2. How to prepare for your first night shift of the week

3. How to study for a nursing test and make an A

4. 5 Reasons I am doing an RN to BSN program

5. How to go to sleep at 10pm my first night off after doing four nights in a row

6. How a nurse can drop 50 pounds in three months


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# 6 sounds the most interesting to me


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Agreed, another vote for #6. Though, if you could cut it to 2 months, that'd be great [emoji6]


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2 and 6


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#6 without eating only 900 calories a day and working out every waking moment.


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#6 sounds fun, but must include pics. And recipes.

Also, if you start out your story with...

"It was a dark and stormy night. Suddenly, a shot rang out!" I would be more inclined to read it. Even if it was #4.