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  1. Wait, who had alarm fatigue? The quote from the anesthesiologist in the article made it sound like he was turning off the monitors because the nurses had alarm fatigue? I'm not saying this guy was behaving logically, but I really don't understand his...
  2. Sexual harrassment or just an old creep?

    That's awful. I'm sorry that happened to you.
  3. "You made a mistake."

    How about the dream where I am giving report at the end of my shift and I suddenly discover that I was assigned a patient but didn't realize until now, and have not even laid eyes on them? Or the hallway I am working that doesn't have an end, just do...
  4. "My pain is about an eight and a half"

    Oh man Brian Regan makes me laugh so hard, he is ridiculously funny. Something about his delivery just tickles the hell outta me. Edit: I was replying to clebak, somehow it didn't show up on this post. Sorry
  5. Ageism?

    They paid for you to get your RN, and expect reimbursement, but expect you to continue working as a secretary (since they do not seem to be interested in hiring you as an RN) for however long it would take to pay them back as your newly minted RN ski...
  6. In my area (northern Illinois), there is a huge nursing surplus due in part to an increase in small for profit schools, and I keep hearing about this "nursing shortage". When I graduated in 2003, when there actually was a shortage, I had my pick of j...
  7. Horrifying medical quack info on the Internet

    Sorta off topic, but I just finished the book Meg that the movie was based on. It had a lot of interesting evolutionary science stuff (don't know how accurate it was, but it sure sounded interesting), and was a really good read. I hate to see movies ...
  8. There's A Hole In The MAR!

    Oh. My. God. Davey Do I freakin love you man
  9. Support Planned Parenthood Today!

    If all of a sudden men could get pregnant, the pro-life politicians and right wing hypocrites would change their tune so fast, your head would spin. Can you imagine how quickly things would change?
  10. Termination for a Medication Error

    I have made an error in the exact same scenario. You reported it right away, followed up with the MD, followed correct procedures. If you get terminated for that error under those circumstances (especially when you had a coworker precepting or shadow...
  11. Is it jealousy ??

  12. Uhhh.. just when I thought I couldn't love my Khaleesi any more.
  13. Nursing Instructor Anger Management

    My mother used to say... the cemetery is full of people who had the right of way.
  14. When residents get attached

    It can be difficult, and it was for me. I had very similar interactions with patients when I as a CNA and early in my nursing career. You have to set boundaries and stick with them. It is about a million times easier to set boundaries initially than ...
  15. Board Complaint

    I don't have much to add, I just wanted to say that I am so sorry this is happening to you. It sounds like you are accepting responsibility for your errors, and are a conscientious nurse working in a difficult environment. I hope this all gets sorted...