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Did they send the email to your school email or your personal email?

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Thank you and best of luck to you!

I started at UT Tyler's PMHNP program this Spring as a full time student. It was 3 classed, 9 credit hours, and 100% online. The most challenging course is advanced pathophysiology which was described above. Tests are 50 multiple choice questions, no select all that apply, straight from the textbook or peer PowerPoint questions. I'm pretty sure 10 to 12 people withdrew from the course by the drop date. The best way to pass is to have a enough time to read the textbook book according to the test review objectives and having a study group. I'm not saying read the whole textbook, but read the sections indicated on the exam review given ahead of time. Translational Sciences is all discussions, APA writing, and assignments, and Informatics was by far the easiest of the 3 classes. It was 2 excel assignments, one paper, and one big data project. I spent the least time on Informatics and it barely stressed me out. Hope this helps y'all decide if you want to be full time or not. I recommend not being a full time employee and a full time student your first semester. It's a steep learning curve.