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omotee has 13 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Medsurg tele/ICU.

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  1. PMHNP UT Tyler

    Yes, the exams are proctored. Blueprints are provided but you still have to do more to pass. Group study definitely helps a lot, you just have to reach out as soon as the class starts
  2. PMHNP UT Tyler

    Full time students takes 3 classes per semester which is 14weeks while part time takes 2 classes. Some classes require you to score 80 as your aggregate in exams before you can pass. Meaning that even though at the end of the class you score 80( pape...
  3. PMHNP UT Tyler

    The course has theory and practical. The practical consist of the comprehensive head to toe assessment that you will need to travel to school to perform and the instructors will grade you based on how efficient you are.
  4. PMHNP UT Tyler

    Not really, worked for about 4months in one of the state hospitals.
  5. PMHNP UT Tyler

    It is very stressful but doable. You have to do admission essay and video application
  6. PMHNP UT Tyler

    Yes, am currently there.
  7. PMHNP UT Tyler

    Advanced patho is 4 exams with 1 power point presentation. The others are combination of tests and papers
  8. PMHNP UT Tyler

    Yes I did,am in my second semester.
  9. PMHNP UT Tyler

    Hi,just got admitted to UT Tyler for PMNHP and apparently we have to take 3 classes every semester as a FT student.I don’t know if there is someone that is currently doing a Masters (FNP) program over there cos I will love to know how many DBs and Pa...
  10. NP vs FNP

    I gave 3 schools as my choice and I still ended up going to 1 of them which is not a bad choice.I was not asking for anyone’s sympathy.
  11. NP vs FNP

    Well I have decided to go with UT Arlington,will be starting in January
  12. NP vs FNP

    Am not saying it’s a lot,I meant it would have been my choice if not for distance.
  13. NP vs FNP

    Yes you are right about looking for preceptorship at UTA ,I talked to someone from Texas women’s university today and was told they have a list that one can be matched with ,my problem is that I don’t know how credible the school is.Chmaberlain woul...
  14. NP vs FNP

    Thanks so much..Points noted
  15. NP vs FNP

    Hi everyone, I am actively considering going back to school for my masters but having some difficulties deciding which one to choose Between acute care NP and FNP.I am also considering UT Arlington,Bradley and Texas women University,Chamberlain woul...

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