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I would like one with the new format, if there are any out yet. Either way, can someone suggest a really helpful one? I'm a student for 3 more semesters; would like to start reviewing now! :confused:


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I like Lippincott, but it is all mult. choice. Also a big help for me is Nursing Made Insanely Easy by Sylvia Rayfield. Good Luck!! :)


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Another good one is Saunders. It comes with cd-rom and a money back guarantee if you fail. Hoping I won't need the guarantee. :rolleyes:


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Lippincott definitely had one with new format questions and I thought it was set up in a user friendly way. It also comes with a disc. The other book I found was a book of New Format Only questions also by Lippincott. They were both outstanding resources (of course, that is assuming I passed my boards yesterday!). :)

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Nclex made ridiciously simple. I thought it was great.


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