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I will graduate May 2005 from RN school (ADN), I have two teenagers and two pugs

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  1. pugsweluv

    Does it matter if I got the last one wrong?

    I definitely got the last one wrong and I did pass. That must just be a myth. Good luck! Pugs, RN
  2. pugsweluv

    Does it matter if I got the last one wrong?

    I definetly got my last question wrong and I passed. I had 125 questions. Good luck! Pugs
  3. pugsweluv

    What a day!

    I cannot hardly believe it, but I passed!! I am an RN!!! I got the license and cetrificate in the mail with my name on it ! What a great day!!! I know God helped me and I could not have done it without Him! Praise the Lord! I start my job next Tues. in Labor and Delivery as a real RN!!! WOW!!! Thanks to all who helped encourage me and to all who hane not taken it yet, You Will Pass. Simply Trust! :balloons: Liz RN :yelclap:
  4. pugsweluv

    It's me, PIE123...

    Yea Pie!!!!! I made it too! :roll
  5. pugsweluv

    Need info re: ARNET exam

    I am taking the ARNET as an exit exam on Tues. and would like to know what it focuses on (i.e. Med surg, etc.) how many questions it is and how long you have to take it. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
  6. pugsweluv

    OMG I passed !

  7. pugsweluv

    I Made It!!!!!

    :balloons: COngrats!!!!!!!! :balloons:
  8. pugsweluv

    I Made It!!!

    Good for you!!!!!!!!!!!Congrats!!!
  9. pugsweluv

    I Passed

    Yea!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats NEURO RN! :balloons:
  10. pugsweluv

    How do I get my foot in the OB door?

    I am graduating in May 05 and I am doing my preceptor in L&D in a local hosp. Because they are short staffed at area hosp. they are hiring new grads for any and everything. I live in Alabama and I am 43. I say go and get your degree if that is something you want to do and I think you can find the L&D job somewhere. That is what I did and its looking like I will have a job in L&D when I graduate. :) :) :)
  11. pugsweluv

    Please recommend an NCLEX review book

    I like Lippincott, but it is all mult. choice. Also a big help for me is Nursing Made Insanely Easy by Sylvia Rayfield. Good Luck!! :)
  12. pugsweluv

    my unofficial results are in...

    :roll :roll :balloons: You all give me hope!!!!Congrats RN!!!!!
  13. pugsweluv

    After 11 agonizing days...

  14. pugsweluv

    I Passed!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Great news!!!!!Way to go VERONICA, RN
  15. pugsweluv

    Sylvia Rayfield Review

    I am looking into the Rayfield review and wonder if anyone has taken it and their thoughts. Also, is there a problem if you take a review in a different state than you are getting licensed in. The NCLEX is a national exam isn't it???
  16. pugsweluv

    NCLEX studying help!

    Thanks and Good Luck!