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For my leadership class in my BSN program I have to conduct an interview with a Nursing leader (nurse manager, nurse leader, nurse administrator). If somebody could answer the following interview questions I would greatly appreciate it!

1. Can the nurse leader name oneway in which patient outcome data are used to improve quality and safety of thepatient care?

2. How are specific national safety guidelines implemented on this unit?

3. Describe an example ofteamwork and interdisciplinary collaboration on the unit.

4.Provide an example of anursing practice that has been changed in the last 3 years year based oncurrent best evidence.

5. Provide an example of patient centered care (e.g., patients who havedifferent values, rituals, etc.).

6. Name two main issues with the Electronic Medical Records on this unit, onethat helps patient care, and one that complicates patient care.

If you would prefer to respond by email instead of this thread, please email me at [email protected]

Thank you in advance!

Your instructors want you to actually interview someone, not post on a website and hope that an actual nurse answers your questions. Also how will you reference them? As many have said before....we aren't here to do your homework for you.

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I know what the teacher wants, don't need you to tell me. I have already tried to set up an interview with a nurse manager and she cancelled on me last minute. I don't know why you commented just to be rude.

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No one is being rude. This is an anonymous message board. You have no way to know if you are talking to a real nurse or some bared teenager on March break.

You out need to learn to accept both positive and negative feedback without becoming defensive if you are going to survive in this profession.

I know how to take positive and negative feedback. I also know how to give negative feedback without being rude.

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Some ideas to find a nurse to interview: try your local school, hospital or LTC staff development office, health department, low income health clinic, cvs minute clinic, home health/ private duty nursing agency., corrections facility...

I know if a student called my agencies the HR rep knows which nurses (and his/her credentials) are willing to be interviewed and helps coordinate. This way you don't have invalid, made up answers from someone bored on an anonymous message board. In person is best, phone is good.

But you cannot elicit tone or intent from a message board hence how you feel some posters are rude and others see it as constructive redirection from professionals who remember what it was like to be a student. If you were having a conversation you might interpret these statements very differently. It's frustrating, that shows in your post especially since your interviewee cancelled.

One piece of advice, since this is an anonymous public message board, highly indexed by search engines and read throughout the world you might want to consider having a staff member remove your email address before it's picked up by spam bots. It's happened before causing people to have to close fine email accounts after being inundated with unwanted spam

Good luck

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We are happy to help but we need to know what your research has revealed to you. We get a ton of these interview requests but most of us believe it will far benefit you more as a nurse to interview someone face to face. Every admission will be a stranger that you will have to obtain very personal information in a short period of time. Nursing instructors give these assignments to get students outside their comfort zone.

Call the nursing services at your local facilities and ask if any managers are willing to be interviewed. Are you in clinical yet? Find the manager and ask for a brief moment of their time.

Our goal is to help you be the best nurse you can be.

I know how to take positive and negative feedback. I also know how to give negative feedback without being rude.

Um, not so I've noticed. See how that happens? You probably don't mean to sound rude, you think you're giving feedback and information. But.

So with the rest of us. You are a student, we have fielded this request approximately a bazillion times, and we know how (and actually want) to help you get more out of your assignment than you think there is to get. As Pepper says, it's gonna be a really uncomfy career for you if you don't shake the attitude towards experience when it speaks to you.

Moving forward. There are many definitions and positions that qualify as "nurse managers." You could make yourself stand out by broadening your horizons. Go to a clinic, a jail, a public health department, a health insurance company, a midwifery service, the school nurse department, the health clinic at your college. They all have nursing managers.

It was not my intention to be rude so I'm sorry you took it that way. These interview questions are posted all the time and the answer is usually always the same. Perhaps if you had posted about your dilemma and the sudden cancellation I would have been prone to offer advice on how to find someone else to interview, but instead, you just posted the questions and hoped someone would answer them.

Good luck!

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