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Hi. Im new here. Im embarrassed to say this but I graduated nursing school a few yrs. ago & I still havent passed the NCLEX yet. Ive taken it 7 times already. Right now Im to the point where I want to give up but I cant. Every time I take it and find out I didnt pass I feel like such a failure. Also, when I retake it I feel like Im more prepared than before only to find out I still didnt pass. At the same time, one of my family members has several health issues and I help them most of the time. My family depends on me.

Ive done several reviews and my friends have let me borrow their books. I have about 10 books. The reviews that I did are: Kaplan, Rutgers review, and a review class on the list that the board of nursing provided. Kaplan was no help. Its confusing to me. Rutgers review was better but it was in a big class size like in an auditorium. Since the size is big, people get up and leave any time they want. It's distracting.

It's my goal to be a nurse someday and I want to keep pursuing my dream. I want to make my family, relatives, friends, and most importantly, myself proud. Maybe another review class would be good but I dont want my parents to pay for another review class. It's expensive. I dont work right now cuz my parents dont want me to work. Right now Im doing self review to save money. Last time I tried doing questions on CDs but this time Im doing questions in books. I dont read books any more. All I do are questions. Some people said I should study 8-10hrs a day. Is this true? Some also said I should do about 200-300 questions a day. Is this also true?

**Please give me any suggestions or advice to take the NCLEXRN. Last time I took it was early part of 2010. I dont know what kind of questions they put now and what topics I should focus more. Please help in any way u can whether it's for support, something to give me a boost in my self esteem, an advice, or suggestion. I'll appreciate whatever u give me. Thanks in advance.**

Content review helps but I bet you have tried that already. Do you get anxious, maybe that's the only thing holding you back? can you concentrate on the questions?

I believe in you, you will pass.

Persistence will get you to your goal. Do not give up. Is it possible to find a tutor? Perhaps you can find one from your nursing school? Whatever you do, just do not give up. You can do this.

Yes I do get anxious.

I dont keep in touch with my classmates from nursing school cuz im too ashamed to ask them for help. They are all probably nurses now. I'll try to find a tutor.

So you are from New Jersey?? I am taking my NCLEX in 10 days!I am so nervous! I took Kaplan last August, It help me on strategies in picking the right answer, but I know that if I did not study the nursing content before my live lecture days, I won't appreciate the strategies they're teaching. My sister did the Rutgers review, she said their review focus more on the nursing content. She did pass first time having 75 questions. Our Mom, bought us the Feuer Nursing Review, it's a bit pricey, but my sister and I agree that it's a lot of help for us because we are both international graduates. I got an advice that just be confident, evaluate yourself if you are really ready to take it and tons of prayer. I hope we pass :)

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the only advice I can think to give to really help you is looking over your weak areas. Usually when someone fails nclex they get a letter or something stating that they failed and shows the areas that were weak....have you looked over those? I think the key is to figure what is your weakness that may be causing you to fail, is it content, strategies, or the way the questions are worded? If you can pin point the problem and focus on improving that then it will help a lot. Now having said all that I have heard of people failing 7, 8, 9 times and eventually passing so don't give up!! you can do it!!

I think quality is more important than quantity; it means doing about 100Qs a day with reading rationales carefully is much better than doing 200-300Qs a day with scanning tiredly rationales only. Just trying to do as many questions as your brain is working. Concenstrate into one or two main resources to avoid being confused and overloaded. I think the main books a nclex taker should has are LaCharity book, a content review book, Lippincott's alternative format question book (for picture, ECG, sounds.. Practise), and a main practicing question resource such as Kaplan Q bank. I passed nclex in my 1st take with 75Qs by reviewing with those books and doing constandly about 100Qs a day. I hope it helps you

Do the Kaplan Question Trainers and answer as many questions as you can. Dont worry about your scores. Just focus how you got it right and why are the other choices are wrong. If you have a chance, the LaCharity book is highly recommended.

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