Please help...How many classes should I take in the first semester of nursing school?



I was just accepted into a ADN nursing program and need help on deciding how many classes to take for the first semester. The way my school is structured all prerequistes do not have to be completed before starting the actual nursing program. In my situation I still have Eng 1102 and Microbiology to complete before I take my last nursing course. My question is since I have to start with Fundamentals of Nursing should I take that by itself to get a feel for the workload? Second question will it be too much to take on Fundamental of Nursing and Eng 1102? I'm scared, excited,confused, and just can't seem to get these butterflies out of my stomach since I found out. I want to make the best decision and not over do it. Let me also add that I will not be working, and I have a three year old daughter. Thanks in advance for the advice.


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I think you could manage to take the English course with the Fundamentals. I would ask upper classmen what the Fundamentals was like for them and get their opinion. I know my first semester of NS, I took Helath Assessment and Fundamentals along with 3 other online classes. Killed myself doing it but I made it on the Dean's list-much to the amazement of some of my classmates. But this is how I work the best-under a ton of pressure. You have to do what is best for you but definitely talk to some others who have been in the same boat as you. Good luck!!!

My school requires the prereqs before you start the nursing program. So this fall I'll be only taking nursing 1 and nursing pharm. I vaguely remember english 1 and I don't think it was too bad... I think you can manage. Good luck!


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It really does depend on the school. From what I remember English shouldn't be too bad. Like someone else mentioned I would suggest asking others who have taken it to see how they felt the class was. Best of luck to you.


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It depends on your ability I think. I made it through Fundamentals while taking both A&P 2 and Developmental Psychology. That was the dumbest thing I've ever done, and I barely squeaked by. This semester I decided to take Micro over the summer and this semester is so much easier because I'm only taking nursing classes. So, some people can do it, others can't. You could probably make it through English and Fundamentals, but I don't know if I would recommend it.

Maybe you should try English and Micro over a flex semester like summer, maymester, or winter term. Might work. Good luck...


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Is there any way that you can take these extra courses during the summer or winter terms? If you can't, then I would take them as soon as possible, preferably in the first and second semester of nursing school. Things get harder after the first semester and you want to decrease stress as you progress through the program. Good luck.


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Unfortunately I cannot take English 1102 or Microbiology by itself my program is only 5 semesters. Sounds like it's best to squeeze in what I can now because the courses only get harder as you go. I wish I could have taken Micro instead of English for the first semester but the class was already full. I was able to register for English 1102 and Fundamentals starting next month. To those of you already in the program what semester would you take the Microbiology along with the nursing class?:uhoh3:

1 semester Fundamentals of Nursing/English 1102

2 semester Medical-Surgical Nursing I

3 semester Medical-Surgical Nursing II/Psychiatric Nursing

4 semester Maternal-Child Nursing/Concepts of Modern Nursing

5 semester Medical-Surgical Nursing III

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At my college, completition of all the prerequsities are required before acceptance into the nursing program. The nursing program that I am in takes a lot of my time with extra activities and clinicals and simulation labs. Before registering for a whole workload, I would contact my nursing advisor and ask her about the schedule of the nursing class and then see what other classes you need are compatible. I hope this helps. Oh yeah, don't bog down on your first semester! Get a feel of what nursing classes are like first.

:redpinkhe Sarah Hay, SN


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Micro should be harder than English. I would take the Micro during first semester and get it out of the way. Then you can take the English any time. The Fundamentals class should be your easiest nursing class, so it is best to take on extra work when you are taking this. Now you see why it is a good idea to get the prerequisite classes done before starting nursing. I used to spend hours doing my nursing care plans and never had much time for anything else along with nursing.


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I would say take the Micro as soon as you can. Since you can't take it 1st semester, I would definitely take it second semester :twocents:. I don't know how your school program is, but it does get harder the farther along you are in the program.

When does your semester start? Any chance you can take micro this summer by itself. My maternal child nursing wasn't too bad. I enjoyed it a lot.


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Can you pick up English this summer and get it out of the way before you start Fundamentals?

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