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What your nursing plans? LPN or RN and why? If LPN, has any RN's (or anyone else) tried to talk you out of it? I have several RN's that are trying to talk me out of the LPN schooling, stating for me not to waste my time or money and to just go ahead for the RN (unless, I'm told, I only want to work in a nursing home). Personally, I do not think LPN is a wast of time, I just can't decide which is right for me and my age. I will be 55 in October of this year and I am in pre-nursing classes this semester. I have applied for the fall 07 LPN Program, but I have not ruled out going ahead and getting pre-reqs out of the way and applying in the Spring of 2008 for the Fall 2008 ADN Program. I'm just curious about the rest of you. Blessings to all!!


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I don't think being an LPN is a waste of time. I am sure many RN's are greatful that they are there. Some view LPN's as glorified CNA's, but I think everyone has their own purposes at work. It isn't a waste of time to become a CNA, LPN, RN, or a doctor. They all work in healthcare for the greater good of mankind. Look carefully at your options, and decide what is best for you. Each field is important for the whole. :)

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I'm doing the LPN route first then work a year and then bridge to RN. All the RN's (have a ton of family & friends who are RN's) have all said given my situation now, it sounds like the best route to take. So, no, I've had no nurse try to talk me into going right into RN. They all know the difficulty of trying to get into schools around here and preference is given to LPN's who are going into the RN programs.

I have had those same nurses tell me that I should get into RN school about a year or so after working as an LPN and not wait too long or I might get "comfortable" and not want to go back to school LOL.

My plan is to get through the LPN, pass the NCLEX, work a year as an LPN and take some pre-reqs for the RN program, and apply to RN school as soon as possible so I can get into my dream job of NICU.

I'm in a 1+1 program so LPN first then RN.My plan has long been to get my BSN and possibly MSN(CRNA) so of course everyone has told me to go straight into it and get it over with.I would've gone about it in that way if I wanted to be put on a waiting list,take a boat load of pre-reqs and possibly end up being in school longer than I already knew I would.


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I started at RN, but switched to LPN so I can get working sooner. I will still work towards my RN, but at 37 I wanted to get going.

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How can i prepare for the LPN Entrance exam

i dont have any material and where can i find them and how is the exam going to be tough or easy can you guys provide me any link or any book




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This may be an unpopular answer but at our age (I'm 56) I can't justify spending all the money it would requre & the time to get my RN, as much as I'd like to have it. I am almost halfway through my PN training. I figure I'll be retiring in 9 or 10 years.

Obviously, if I were younger my feelings would be different but there are many LPN jobs out there.


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I'm a newer LVN with about 1 year of work experience, mostly in long term care and rehab. My plan is to secure admission into an LVN-to-RN bridge program within the next 12 months or so, as I will have most of the prerequisite classes completed by the end of this summer.


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I'm going for the RN, but I can take the LPN exam after my first year of clinicals are out of the way. One of the nurses I talked with (does everyone else talk to all the nurses when you are at any doctor's office? I have gotten good advice this way.) recommended taking the LPN exam as a great preview of the NCLEX. She said that someone told her to do that when she was in school 30 years ago and it was very helpful. Based on what I've read at, LPNs make quite a bit less than RNs. Even for 10 years of employment, it might be worth spending that extra year in school for the RN. Another reason the RN looks good to me is that it has a lot of paper pushing jobs available for when I am not physically able to do the running around part of the job.


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How long did it take for you to get into a LPN program?


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Being an LPN or RN is just a matter of job responsibilities.Be proud to be one.:chuckle

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